Third times a charm!

Third time is a charm!

I will confess that much of my bloviating about getting a drivers license in the state of Alabama was unwarranted.  And, I have to be fair much as it pains me because I haven’t been handling this move to this state very well!

After all of my bellyaching, it seems that indeed Virginia and California had the same requirements to get a drivers license as required in Alabama (I looked it up).  Birth Certificate or Passport, Social Security card or W-2 form and of course, when transferring from another state, the current license.

Our first visit to the  tiny (stress on tiny!)  DMV office  in downtown Huntsville started off on the wrong foot to be sure. I had my passport but didn’t know I had to have my social security card.  Doug had his Social Security Card but not his passport.  The place was so packed with people that you couldn’t get in the front door.  Doug immediately noted that if only they would have the reception desk towards the back wall of the building the flow at the entrance would be much more efficient.


When we finally made it to the reception desk the overly saccharin DMV trooper informed us that it would be better to come back next week anyway when the kids were back in school. I know I was somewhat “bitchy” about the whole social security card thing!  My only defense is that my frustration level over all things Alabama in the past weeks had reached nearly critical mass. Besides, I blamed it all on my poor husband who has been out of town on travel for three consecutive weeks.  Here he is breaking his back to earn a living and I am venting on him.  I need to start exercising again!

Our second visit to the DMV was today.  We arrived to discover very few people waiting! Yippee we thought! Of course we had to wait for the same saccharin DMV trooper and her trooper friend to finish their non-work related conversation about so and so before we were acknowledged (this called for excessive deep breathing on my part).  Well, we thought we were totally prepared! HA….not so lucky.  This time I had all of my proper documentation but the “hubster” had forgotten his passport! Jeesh!  We just can’t catch a break!

Hence third visit to the DMV would be required!  Fortunately, our saccharin DMV trooper gave us our line number and we were able to run home (20 minute drive) to get the passport and make it back (another 20 minute drive) in time to….

……wait another hour and a half.  This despite the fact that there were amazingly few people waiting.   We walked out with our TEMPORARY $28.50 driver’s licenses and were assured we’d get our permanent license within thirty days.  Pray tell me why they cannot laminate the damn paper on the spot which has our signature, all the license information AND the photo instead of mailing it (more expense) at a later date?!

Whether its the state government or the federal government….terribly inefficient!

Next hurdle to officially settle in to “Sweet Home” Alabama….registering the cars.  I’m positively quivering with glee at the prospect (see…I’m trying to be positive…right?).  But let’s save that for another day when I’ve had a chance to recover from today.

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