I swim…I breathe

Started the day out with some lap swimming.  I had to drive hubby to work; we’re still a one -car family until his car comes in sometime in the next six weeks.  So decided to stop by the gym we’ve just joined.  No.  It is not a Spectrum quality gym that I enjoyed for eight years in Southern California but it will do (it has to do).

I don’t like the too-hot water! It’s not conducive to optimal lap swimming; I’m already tired after 2oo yards and I’m determined to swim a mile.   Maybe it’s because I haven’t been in the pool for over two months? Nah…its the water temp.  I’m determined to slug it out though.  I need help.

So, the mantra for the duration; I swim….I breathe.  It helps.  I continue the mantra even though it’s harder for me to stay focused on counting the laps.  I need the distraction and it works….

I realized somewhere in the middle of a set of 100’s….I have not thought about bugs for a whole half hour!

I’d started the day with a whole Lotta negative thinking and brought it right into the pool…and it was only 8:20 in the morning.   This gym isn’t like Spectrum; No towels, tiny lockers, and what’s with having to exit the locker room in your bathing suit into a public hallway to access the pool?  Me no like!  And I still can’t buy a sofa because of all these moving-into-a-new-house expenses….I could go on!  I catch myself…I realize what I am doing.

…the whole purpose of this blog (my first….) is to focus on the good instead of the “bad” of each day.

Here goes….

I love all the windows around this pool; the sunlight flickered in and the water seemed to dance and sparkle in response.  The pool lady monitoring the area was exceptionally friendly when she asked me to switch to the farthest left lane so that the aqua exercise class could have more room…really, she was exceptionally friendly….not just nice!  And after the swim, a perfect Americano at the local Starbuck’s along with one petite vanilla scone ….I hummed to myself all the way home.



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