I’d like to have just one day….just one….which doesn’t involve an insect of any kind. 

So the pest control dude came this afternoon.  He’s a nice looking young man, dressed in crisply pressed khaki chinos and a plaid blue button down shirt. You’d never guess he was a an exterminator except for the can of bug spray in his hand and the blue surgical-like shoe covers on his boots.  He’s got a true southern drawl and friendly demeanor.  I show him the bug evidence I had collected and the photo of the black scorpion that graced my kitchen just this past Saturday.  He sets to work spraying the windows and various cracks and crevices in the house.  When he’s upstairs, I remember the spider I had seen in the guest bathroom window a few weeks back.  I go to check and yep…he’s still there.  A big black spider.

“Look. Here’s another spider,” I say.  “He’s actually not in the house; he’s outside between the screen and the window. Since I’m not going to open the window, I guess it’s OK to leave him.”  Pest control dude takes one look at the spider.  “Oh. You might want to rethink that ma’am.  That’s a Black Widow.”  “Oh My!”  “Spray it dead,” I say!


Just one day….maybe tomorrow?  No bugs….OK!