Neighborhood Watch

“Hawk-eye” ~ Little Mountain’s Sentinel

One could say that our neighborhood is still essentially undeveloped.  On “Little Mountain,” a development of at least 40 lots, there are only six homes finished and inhabited.  Sometime in the future we expect to have a small community pool and clubhouse.  Until then, it’s just the six of us up here and we’re not even on the same street.  We do watch out for each other…well, I’d like to believe we do.  If not, we do have a plan “B,” of sorts…albeit not what one might expect.

There is a very large hawk that lives on the block below us.  I spotted him one day during an early morning walk with “puppy” Brando; he (or she) was circling high overhead and moving from treetop to treetop as if following us.  Hubby also noticed Mr. “Hawk-eye,” as I’ve dubbed him. I have to say while he is a beauty to look at as he soars the skies around “Little Mountain,” he does make my skin prickly just a tad when he dives down for a closer look (or is he hoping Brando will be dinner?).

One of the neighbors has a tiny dog (I think it’s a pekingese) named “Widget.”  Widget is snow-white all over and quite the wanderer.  Widget also seems to be deaf to her owners call, or she is willfully ignoring commands meant to keep her safe!  Almost daily she escapes from the yard and runs down the middle of the street, then off into the woods –remember, there are snakes in these hills–or, she heads over to our house.  On the day we moved into our home, Widget was running down the middle of the street directly in the path of the huge Atlas moving van.  I thought for sure she was done for.  I yelled at her in vain.  She was lucky that day.  Since then, she has been seen running all over the neighborhood.  The thing is, her days could very well be numbered, and not because she may be hit by a car or truck.  Yep…. “Hawk-eye” is ever watchful from his sentinel post in the tree just around the corner from where Widget lives.  Widget needs to mind her owners (a lovely young couple, by the way, with three kids) before Hawk-eye’s talons carry her away into the night!

I’m just saying….

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