Labor Day….indeed.

Garage Floor – BEFORE
Floor scrubbed clean as possible from construction debris, etc.


Some people might think hubby and I are nuts (OK…maybe it is just I who is the nutty one).  Today we are laboring indeed; we’re painting the garage floor.  It looked just awful with construction debris, paint spills, oil spills, etc. all over the floor.  I’m sure my husband would rather have spent the day on the sofa watching football games or all of “The Godfather” movies and God knows he deserves to as he’s been working hard as the new guy on the block in this new business development position at work.  Instead, he spent the better part of the morning prepping the garage floor….scraping, sweeping, scraping, power washing…scraping, more sweeping…applying acid wash…more spraying, scrubbing and sweeping!  He was not alone in this labor of “making Cristina happy;” I was by his side also sweeping and cleaning and even tried my hand with the scraper a few times to give him a break.  Our neighbor did the same job herself some months back and she said it was a “breeze” and only took “a couple of hours” (humph….I don’t know what she was smoking!).  Hubby was soaking wet from head to toe with sweat from all the effort and I wasn’t much drier.
We took a break after the cleaning portion of the prep work was completed, allowing time for the outside temperatures to cool and the garage floor to dry.  While we waited we decided to reward our mornings’ labor with a Netflix hour; we enjoyed the first episode of the fifth season of “Doc Martin.”  Bliss-o-meter so far today …. 8 (I’m certain number will continue on the upswing once the projected is completed!).

Garage floor – AFTER


Project update: My knees are scraped

Fun Paint Sprinkles….
Application tip: It’s all in the wrist!

sufficiently to bleed (nowhere in the product description did it cover that hazard!) but I did my part…which was to edge paint the entire  garage floor.  Hubby filled in the rest with the paint roller and liberally sprinkled fun-colored paint chips all over. He did a terrific job–a collaborative effort, completed!  Bliss-o-meter, 9.75.  Why not a plus-10 you ask?   Ah, one unforeseen hiccup; although our two paint product kits were the same color (we tripled checked that during purchase) the second kit delivered a different shade of blue-gray–more gray–so that there is a discernible color variation on the last bit of area towards the garage door.  The paint chip sprinkles help deflect that variation somewhat, but the “Monk” in me bubbles to the surface and it is indeed hard to “look away…just look away.”

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