My home sweet home….


Doug….a.k.a. Luigi

He’s leaving on a jet plane….again…for another week.  Sigh…. I will admit that this transition to “Bama-land” has been difficult for this gal.  Insects and critters aside though, the most difficult aspect of this move has been hubby traveling.  A lot.

We’ve been in our new home on Little Mountain for almost seven weeks now. Hubby has been gone for about four of those weeks.  The other day he was trying to scrounge something to eat…he didn’t know where the silverware was stored in the kitchen. Usually he knows this kind of stuff but with this move he hasn’t been home long enough to know where anything is.  Poor guy.  The several weekends that he has been home, he’s been working through the “honey-do” list and, to be fair, the “wife-cannot-possibly-do-this-job-all alone” list. He’s working hard, both in the office and out.  It’s made him a little cranky, understandably…and when he’s cranky, so am I….it’s sort of how things work.

We’re working on trying to communicate better but it’s just a little more difficult when we are coming from seemingly opposite worlds; he’s out working hard and is around people demanding stuff all day (including me, I suppose) and I feel disconnected and alone in a new town, in a new beautiful but isolated and buggy home, in a state that feels like another planet. Where I once was surrounded by people and buildings everywhere, now it feels like there is virtually no one around….well…except my best four-legged friend Brando!  I talk to him constantly now as if he’s a human; most of the time he seems quite indifferent…his eyes are half-closed as he slumbers in his doggie bed…(OK, I know…he is a dog).

One thing that I know for sure as hubby heads towards the European continent, HE is my home.  Not the beautiful home that I physically live in.  We’ve been on bumpy roads before but we always get back on track because we must.  I believe we have so much more to learn from each other…we have more roads to travel!

Yes….I miss him when he’s heart beats but it seems to slow as if a weight has been placed on my chest; it’s harder for me to breathe, to truly relax.  He is my home-sweet-home and no matter how rough the road gets, my home…my heart… won’t be the same until his arms are once again wrapped around me……

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