Our first Alabama snowfall

Our first Alabama snowfall

Well, not a lot of snow mind you, but enough of the white stuff to bring back memories of all those years of living in Colorado, Kansas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Germany–therefore, until fairly recently, years of snow memories!  Hubby and I were able to enjoy eight years of practically perfect weather in Southern California…living just two miles from the ocean and of course, the only snow was of the fake variety at Christmas.   In fact, when we moved from Northern Virginia in late November of 2004, my final act before driving out of our neighborhood on our cross-country journey to California was to pitch the snow shovel into the garbage can.  I was as giddy as a school girl to throw it away and with it years of ice-cold blue fingers and toes.  As I write this, my former Biker Chick cycling buddies are on a ride on the sun-drenched Palos Verdes Peninsula.  I know this because one of them just posted a photo on Facebook….sigh.

Am I green with envy?  Ah…I am, as ever, smack dab in the middle of being torn.  I love my new home, just not necessarily the state in which it sits.  I loved my old home but not the exorbitant cost of living in that state (or, truth be told, most of its liberal politics)…I was only too happy to ignore the latter, but couldn’t the former.  I miss cycling with a group of lovely ladies…even with the drama that sometimes swirled around us.  So, I will admit, in the moment of seeing the photo of the group gathered during their morning ride, I was green with envy and thoroughly wishing a Star Trek transport back to Southern California with my now growing rusty bike in hand so that I could join the ride.

Still….this afternoon as I walked out into the back yard to see the snow falling silently around me I had to admit to myself that this too, is a thoroughly beautiful moment.  Even though I am experiencing my first Alabama snow fall alone (save for my poodle, who refused to follow me out into the yard, preferring to hang by the door with an “are you kidding me?” expression) and I am not able to ride the hills of Palos Verdes like I did three times a week for over six years, I have those wonderful memories to hold in my heart and here, I am living…creating other memories.  I pray that years down the road I will think of these moments as fondly as those California years.

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