Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

AH….There is nothing like a bouquet of pretty flowers to brighten one’s day!  The bright magenta of these fabricated daises and the popping red-orange of the mums made me hum this morning as I puttered around the kitchen. Though it was fairly nippy outside, at least the sun was shining, something it hasn’t done much of lately here in middle-earth land. I’m feeling as water-logged as the yard from all this rain.  Yet, I do feel a subtle lift of my spirits this morning with this lovely  sunshine despite the cold temperatures.    Still, instead of walking my poodle outside, I am indoors….I’m sweeping, dusting, mopping, emptying the dishwasher, etc. etc. etc…Ay….I’m so tired of these household chores…the same chores  I have done since the age of ten.  I’m living in a big house…more real estate to take care of than I have ever had.  I’m not complaining, really.  We wanted this big house because, well, we can enjoy a big house now. We know that our next house will be smaller as we will downsize considerably so I am enjoying what I have in this moment.

I know it is not surprising….I have been known to approach household chores as a workout; I’ll often get on hands and knees to mop; it’s more of a physical workout even though it does make the knees a lot crankier these days.  Today though, I’m not on hands and knees; my back and shoulders are still smarting after two weeks of suffering through some of the worst muscle spasms imaginable.  I’m using a proper little steam mop; its hissing sound makes my poodle look up with interest from his bed situated in a corner in the family room just under a window.  He was curled up in a tight little ball before I interrupted his morning slumber with both vacuum and mop.

Anyhow,  a vase full of flowers perched by the kitchen sink certainly brought a song to my soul just enough to make all these chores seem, well, less of a chore.

I stop to admire them several times as I pass the mop around the kitchen floor.  Then I get the iPhone and take a photo.  Regardless of the fact that we didn’t have iPhones years ago, I certainly wouldn’t have stopped to take a photo of flowers while doing chores.  Who says I haven’t relaxed enough to stop and “smell the roses?”

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