What the …Bleep!

Music....to infinity and Beyond!

Music….to infinity and Beyond!

So I’m on the spin bike at the gym doing my solo workout.  What’s different this time is that I’m not listening to music on my iPod.  Instead, I am listening to music on Spotify.  I’d only recently taken the plunge and signed up as a premium member, thanks in part to friend Lou who told me about it many months ago when I still lived at the beach.  Yes, maybe hubby wasn’t too thrilled with another monthly charge on the credit card ($9.99 a month to be exact) but still, this music service is terrific and offers more features than Pandora (which I wasn’t paying for).  With Spotify premium, I can create playlists galore from such an incredibly wide range of musical genres and even select and add songs to my iTunes library without purchasing them.  My music library will no doubt swell considerably!   Not only will Spotify music be streaming throughout my house (via iPad App), but with the Spotify iPhone App, I can listen to gazillions of songs during my long walks and gym workouts, significantly broadening my music experience.  I was beginning to get bored listening to the same iPod playlists (nearly eight years now) over and over (and, truth be told, I screwed up my iPod’s playlists when I got my new MAC desktop and I haven’t quite managed to fix the problem…or even understand what went wrong, not to mention the learning curve of figuring out iTunes on my new MAC).

But I digress!  Simply, Spotify has come to the rescue!  I’ve already created a playlist of calming sleep/meditation music a couple of days ago and can attest that Tibetan Bells helped to ease me into sleep.  Now that is bliss!

So, on this particular morning I selected the radio feature on Spotify and decided, of course, on popular music (the “hits of today”) for my spin workout.  Spinning to Mozart can be done (I have done it) but I really needed high-voltage music to get the heart pumping and blood flowing for an hour’s worth of spinning.

This is what I simply don’t understand about music today.  Many of the hit songs on the particular pop radio station that I selected (for example, songs by Daniel Powter, Beyoncé Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc.) have two versions; clean and explicit.  Why on earth is this necessary?  Why does Katy Perry have two versions of Firework, one clean and one explicit?  In fact, so many of today’s artists have clean and explicit versions of their hits…It makes absolutely no sense to me.

I’ll be the first to say that every once in a while the F-bomb flies out of my mouth.  In my defense, I never uttered the word until I was 40 years-old and going through a bitter divorce with my first husband.    We’re all  human and its understandable to let fly an explicit word now and then in the heat of anger, and well…to get a point across (if you know what I mean!)  In the years since my divorce I feel I can say that I do a pretty decent job of containing myself, most of the time. Still, I’ll admit that once one starts using that F-word, it becomes easier to use it more often.   So, I find it troubling that one cannot listen to music without the F-word as part of the refrain…especially when it doesn’t add any meaningful value to the music and, in fact, detracts from it.

I asked PhD. hubby about this growing trend, since he has listened to popular and country music for years and years while I had mostly listened to classical music growing up.  I thought he could shed some intellectual light on the subject.  It is his opinion that explicit versions exist because they are “edgier.”  That’s it.  Ahhh…so we must appeal to the “bad boy/dark side” of people in order to sell songs.  It comes down to that?

I’m scratching my head.  I don’t get it.

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