Christmas in July!

It’s dark as night outside right now and the heavens have just opened up. Thunder, lightning and and of course very frightening particularly for a certain poodle who currently lies under my feet trembling something fierce despite wearing his Thundershirt. The swaddling, gentle pressure of the material around his torso is meant to ease anxiety. He’s not buying the hype of the Thundershirt one bit.

I high-tailed it inside from our afternoon walk just in time, stopping quickly at the mailbox. Hmm…not one, but two boxes are stuffed inside. I run inside and get Mr. Poodle situated with his Thundershirt before I check out the boxes. Yippee…the book I ordered on Amazon is in the one box. The other….its from my California friend Lou. I open it and am just tickled beyond belief. It’s Christmas in July! The enclosed card says its some little trinkets she’s been collecting to send me. In it a beautiful scarf of teal from her desert home in Borrego Springs, a cheerful kitchen towel adorned with little chili peppers, a small jar of pimento from her recent travels to the Basque region in France and last but not least a lovely reminder of the pacific ocean, just for me….a sweet little box of rose-scented soap in the shape of seashells nestled in a shell dish.

It may be terrible weather out, but inside my home and my heart it’s bright and sunny on this Christmas in July afternoon.

Thanks Lou for thinking of me.


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