For the Birds

I’m visting my beautiful sis this week. It’s her birthday you see and I thought it would be nice to spend it with her. It’s MY gift to myself to see her…and a gift for her to be there on her birthday! Win-Win!

I adore my sis; not only is she beautiful but she is multi-lingual, multi-talented, and she is a whiz in the kitchen. I’ll tell you this; You’ll never go hungry in my sis’s house. And, whenver I visit my sister, I learn something new. For example, the last time I visited it was for my nephews birthday. I learned that my sis is part energizer bunny. You see, for my nephew’s 5th birthday party she secured the services of “The Great Zuchinni,” a magician that reportedly performed his schtick at the White House (I’m assuming that was before sequestration). Anyhow….my sis didn’t just invite a few kids…she invited her son’s entire pre-school class….19 kids in all, plus a few extra siblings of said kids here and there for good measure. Oh yes, and there were parents too! Just five minutes into the festivities I was asking my bro-in-law if he had anything stronger than wine to serve me. I’d say a good 22 kids were running around the back yard and they were all going in different directions …it was positively dizzying. My sis was in heaven…running to and fro managing decor, “The Great Zucchini” (who had a little bit of a diva-thing going on) kids, parents, games, cake, all the while snapping photos with her Canon digital camera. It was a blast of a party for all….and yes, sis, her hubby, my hubby, and I naturally enjoyed a celebratory libation when all was said and done at the end of the day, feet up, exhausted, but thoroughly pleased as punch because our little birthday boy was happy.

Learning something new on this visit was no exception. It’s always interesting to see what new gaget or culinary item sis has picked up; I love her stainless steel Kuhn Rikon garlic press for example, and her electric moccha pot. This time its a product sitting in her pantry begging for opening. She finally brought the box out and set it on the counter. “Look what I have for cooking pasta,” she says. “Its a pasta pot.” “Hmm, nice,” I reply. I decided to open it for her while she was busy preparing a picnic lunch for our pool day. The pasta pot is made by Bialetti, a popular Italian company. They make an assortment of items for the home and kitchen to include espresso moccha pots and cookware. I open the box and wrestle out a cobalt blue pot from the packaging. What makes this pot special is it’s strainer lid that sort of clicks into place so one doesn’t need a separate item (a colendar) to drain the pasta. “It’s pretty nifty,” I say…”and I love the color.” Inside the pot is a piece of paper; it’s the “care and use instructions.” I give it to my sister asking her if she needs it. She takes the paper and starts to read it. “What?” she says. She holds the paper back, further away from her eyes, squinting as she does so as if what she is reading cannot possibly be right. “Huh?” She says again. She reads the first sentence on care and use instructions out aloud. Its pretty much the standard stuff; only use a rubber spatula or a wooden spoon; don’t wash the pot with harsh abrasives….those sorts of instructions. And then….the note of CAUTION. Here goes….

Are you ready?

Caution: “For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen (Folks…I promise, I am not making this up!). Birds ‘ respiratory systems are sensitive to many kinds of household fumes, including the fumes from extremely overheated non-stick pans.”

See….learn something new everyday and this one comes from a pasta pot!


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