Chocolate Handcuffs?

If you’ve been reading any of these posts (yes, all five of you) you know that I’m not entirely keen about living in Alabama (or “middle earth” as I affectionately refer to Huntsville, Alabama). Maybe if I had kids to chase after I’d have a different perspective?  Anyhow, for someone accustomed to city life, there’s just not a lot to do here…IMHO that is.  In Northern Virginia for example, there’s the Smithsonian and the National Museum of Art just to name two places, to keep one amused for many, many month of Sundays.  Of course there’s hundreds of other exciting things to see and do in our nation’s capitol too, so much in fact that I didn’t get it all in during my 14 years there!  The same goes for my west coast stint:  eight years of living in the beach cities of Los Angeles County, there was enough to do each week to keep the juices of entertainment and recreation flowing.  Even the two and a half mile walk (or run) from our house to the ocean was almost never dull.

I say that now but I’ll admit to singing a different tune (a stupidly–now I realize–unappreciative tune) on some days when I lived in Southern California.  So now I’ll admit to smacking myself on the forehead a time or two since moving to Alabama because of it.  “You run to the beach and it’s either turn right on the strand or left on the strand….and its just sand and water..,” I complained to my husband a time or two.  What the hell was I thinking?!  In my defense when living in Northern Virginia I had six different running routes just in my neighborhood alone to keep things interesting.  And, every Sunday a long run with the Reston Runners Running club brought with it different routes and thus new scenery to keep one’s mind off of the physical rigors of the run.

Having said this, in my quest to find a measure of peace with this “middle-earth” chapter I am finding humor in some of the sights and sounds of the Rocket City area.

OK….maybe not the sounds.  Nearly every week there’s some kind of testing going on at Redstone Arsenal (a U.S. Army post that started making conventional ammunition and toxic chemicals around 1941) which means EXPLOSIONS.  I’ve no idea what they are blowing up over there on the arsenal but we hear it miles away sending my poodle under the coffee table when the ground starts shaking.  It’s over in an instant…but still….very disconcerting.

But, as for sights….

James Bond doesn't need Q

James Bond doesn’t need Q

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Huntsville is home to the Metro Spy Supply store.  Now I’ve lived a lot of places folks but I’ve never lived in a place where there is a large surveillance equipment store…and one that is so prominently advertised. In need of private investigative services to see if your heavily bearded, blue-jean-overall-wearing-snuff-chewing-hulk-of-a-man is cheating on you?   Metro Spy Supply is here for you!  You’re a do-it-yourself kind of guy (or gal), you say?  Not to worry.  They have all the equipment you’ll ever need including all types of cameras, recorders, night surveillance equipment, counter-terrorism kits, drug testing kits, forensic kits, and handcuffs (lots of handcuffs).  James Bond doesn’t need Q… Metro Spy Supply in little ole’ Huntsville has it all!

And, for inquiring minds: No…. I’ve yet to step foot into this store although I’ll admit to being just a tad curious.  After all, It’s a sight we see nearly every week.  To get to our local Costco (the one and only in town) we have to drive by this store.

So the other day my Rocket-man and I happened to be driving past the store when I noticed a new advertisement on their marquee.

First line: Chocolate, second line: Handcuffs, 3rd line: Sold Here.

Chocolate Handcuffs sold here.


I look over at Rocket-man and ask, “Is that chocolate handcuffs or chocolate and handcuffs?”

Rocket-man looks at me with a mischievous gleam in his lovely blue-gray eyes.  “I’ll take my handcuffs in dark chocolate, if you please.”

Oh my…..
Who says Huntsville is boring?

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Handcuffs?

  1. How’s your duck hunting going? You can always go skeet shooting for practice to improve your ability to hit a moving target

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  2. Breakfast buddy…I’ve hinted that a pretty little firearm might be an idea for a Christmas present. Not sure if that message got through however! In any event, surely learning to use it would be interesting material for this here blog!


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