Come on Spring….

On Sunday Spring tickled our toes for all of 24-hours.  With 71-degree temps I was able to enjoy a 4.5-mile walk with the poodle and, afterwards, a long and lazy breakfast on the back patio with Rocket-man and the L.A. Times crossword puzzle.  Later in the afternoon we pumped up the bike tires and headed out for a 25-mile ride.  The wind had really picked up but the temperature was still fine.  The sun and activity made our hearts happy and our bodies pleasantly sore from a ride against the wind.

We made the most of the day because we knew that another winter blast would knock us back on our butts.

And yes….the forecast was correct.  Yesterday we woke up to freezing temperatures and freezing rain.  It was windy and wicked outside which meant the poodle didn’t enjoy a walk around the neighborhood.  My plan upon seeing such a dreary winter day once again was to stay wrapped up in my comforter for the rest of the day with a book instead of stepping foot outdoors.  Come on Spring…I am so ready for you!   I say this knowing that we may have a summer of 105-degree temperatures with 90% humidity.  I say this knowing that I will no doubt complain when the humidity makes my hair swell into the next zip code.   I’m just so tired of being COLD.

The birds are singing outside which is supposed to be one of the signs of Spring just around the corner, right?   In fact, I read just the other day that the reason you hear all that bird singing going on as Spring approaches is that birds have “sex on the brain.”  Hmm.  That does explain some of Mr. Harold Headbanger’s thoroughly obnoxious behavior.  Who knew that more hours of daylight in Spring triggers hormones in a birds brain essentially telling them to wake up, get moving, and get down to business about finding a mate!   In addition to more light in making them sing, light stimulates the growth of the male bird’s testes, motivating the happy he-bird to burst into song in order to attract females. They want to show off their newly grown body parts.

Singing for Spring...and Sex!

Singing for Spring…and Sex!

OK….I’ve got to shake myself of THAT image….

….more than any of us really wanted to know, I sure!


I really shouldn’t complain about the weather. Winter has been brutal where my daughter lives and I’d guess the same is the case for my son though any details are lacking as he remains (by his choice) estranged from his family.  And my sis and family are up to their ankles and knees in snow once again.  Kids are home from school…again.  At this rate, my nephew will still be in school until August making up snow days.  Sis and hubby made the best of another snow day though:  her hubby worked up another pot of his delicious Gumbo.

Instead of being a sloth for the entire day I did force myself into gym clothes and made a quick trip to the gym.  On the elliptical I listened to snippets from Sunday’s Oscars.  I actually watched most of it …pretty enjoyable, but always too long (as usual, I didn’t make it to the end).  I found humor in Ellen DeGeneres’ opening lines about the “extreme” weather they are experiencing.  There has been a lot of rain in usually drought-prone Southern California.  It brought back memories of our move to Southern California in December 2004.  Upon arrival on a late December evening I thought I had died and gone to heaven; it was a perfect weather paradise.  I can still remember vividly my first morning at the beach. Rocket-man went to work and I went to the Starbucks down the street.  I sipped on my latte surrounded by palm trees and inhaled deep, long breaths, of ocean breezes.  I felt like I was on vacation and so often during our eight years I felt we were living in a vacation paradise.  Ahhh….if I close my eyes I am back in my favorite Starbucks spot, under a palm tree….people watching….and being warmed by the California sun.

It was only a couple of months later when the heaven’s opened up and it rained for weeks on end.  It was one of the rainiest seasons on record. I remember complaining to Rocket-man for days about the rain: “What’s with all this rain?  I thought it never rained in Southern California!  And, besides, there’s even a song about it (a single written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood, released in 1972).

The rain eventually stopped but not before mudslides brought down homes, big and small, and caused a good deal of damaged to property and cars (rain may as well be snow to drivers in Southern California).  After that particularly rainy season in 2005 It rarely rained for another seven years.
My Breakfast Buddy Ed back in Southern California is taking this years’ extreme weather in stride.  He emailed me just the other day to assure me that Southern Californian’s are handling the situation with grace and ….um…..ingenuity.

To illustrate my point, here is an excerpt from Breakfast Buddy’s email:
“I just came in from “rain washing” my car. It’s a technique I developed for drought plagued areas. The basic steps are: When (or if) it rains, let the rain rinse off the big chunks, then during a lull, go out and scrub it down. Leave the suds on and wait for the rain to rinse it clean. It comes out pretty clean…and doesn’t leave water spots.   Opinions around the neighborhood are divided as to whether I’m plain crazy, or just a bit eccentric.”

I’d say he’s brilliant!  As much as it rains here in “middle-earth” I have no reason to have a dirty car!

Once again my Breakfast Buddy provided a chuckle or two…as well as a useful tip….on an otherwise cold and dreary day.

I’m blessed.

Now… if my Breakfast Buddy could pretty-please provide a tip on getting rid of Mr. Harold Headbanger (who is at it again) without the use of a firearm….I’d be forever in his debt.

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