$3.49 Was All It Took!

Well folks, it appears we have a winner! Before I continue, let me be completely honest: There was a contest of sorts in the wind. It certainly was not an intentional declaration of such on my part–I did not make any announcements–but as the days dragged on during my Cardinal saga, and with it suggestions of all sorts from near and far, it became clear that I should seize the opportunity.

Breakfast Buddy Ed submitted several rather good solutions to ridding my yard of one (and only ONE) ridiculously stupid Northern Red Cardinal. It seemed somewhat complicated mind you…involving chicken wire and a 2 x 4….but my good friend was able to read the desperation in my words posted and I assume that he was also trying to save me from incarceration in an Alabama slammer. I’m sure that visions of the “Po-Po” knocking down my front door to arrest me for murder in the first degree of both Cardinal and a certain Poodle was keeping Breakfast Buddy Ed up at night.

I’ll blame squashing his idea on Rocket-man; he was not up for building a screen-type device for the window. Several other folks chimed in with various suggestions as well: Fishing wire strung across the window; A large beach ball with a giant eye symbol strategically placed, hanging from a nearby tree; Fake snakes placed on the window sills (summarily dismissed by the way…sorry Dusty); Fake owls or hawks placed in various locations around the yard, and even an ultrasonic bird repeller device that emits a frequency heard only by birds (and, according to many testimonials on Amazon.com, by the neighbors as well)…..

Yes…lots of good ideas folks and really, I am eternally grateful. I now have many options to choose from so that if one doesn’t work I can move on to the next! I carefully weighed my options and decided to try Cookie’s idea. “Try a pinwheel suctioned to the window,” she said via email and later reiterated via phone. She even sent a photo. She also was kind enough to send a lovely photo of the Cardinals hanging about in her yard. There were at least fifty Cardinals on the ground! I didn’t sleep a wink that night and oddly enough, thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock swirled in my head.

So off we went, Rocket-man and I, to the local Hobby Lobby in search of a pinwheel. I found a large green pinwheel with pink flowers within two minutes and excitedly showed it to Rocket-man. I figured he would be thrilled that it took only a couple of minutes because he’s not one to like shopping in ANY store even one as exciting as Hobby Lobby.

“That’s too big,” he said. “But we have such a large window,” I countered.
“Let’s keep looking. I’m sure we will find something smaller,” said Rocket-man.

Well….that’s interesting. Rocket-man isn’t making a bee-line to the exit.


I continued to peruse the aisles and a good five minutes later Rocket-man meets up with me (who was momentarily distracted in the wind chimes aisle) with a pinwheel in his hand. This one was much smaller…the size of a hydrangea flower. “Here you go,” he says as he hands me the pinwheel. I’m mighty impressed that Rocket-man showed such interest in this shopping expedition. I plant a kiss on his cheek thanking him for helping me find the pinwheel although I share with him that I’m dubious that it’s big enough for its purpose. Still I’m willing to give it a whirl. And besides, it’s only $3.49. We purchase it, along with package of two suction cups which will be used to attach it to the window.

Once home we immediately set to work to get our fancy-schmancy high tech Cardinal Bird Deterrer affixed to the window. We had to use a little bit of duct tape in the process and it took some maneuvering with the ladder to get it positioned in the middle of the window but in less than ten minutes the job was done. Now it was a question of wait and see….

So folks, we are now a week into our pinwheel test and lo and behold it seems to be working! I’m cautiously optimistic and $3.49 was all it took! Although Mr. Harold Headbanger has switched to another window (one with a screen) his head-butting behavior has virtually no impact on the glass…or thank God, The Poodle. The Poodle’s barking has lessened substantially and a new level of peace has settled upon Little Mountain.

I’ll take this blissful respite knowing full well that once this latest uncharacteristic blanket of snow moves out of the area, Spring will officially be upon us and along with it a new set of headaches…namely of the insect and slithering variety.



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