Acclimation…So Not Fun

My body (and soul) still has not acclimated to being back in Middle Earth. I’m not complaining folks; it’s lovely to be back home…back to “normal” as it were…a new normal  (three months in the Sonoran desert did something to me which I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that means!). In any event, The Poodle is eating again. He’s the only one that lost weight through this entire ordeal What’s up with that?!  And, Rocket-man is more than thrilled to have someone direct him (OK…he calls it nagging) again about the proper way to make the bed…not to mention the “honey do” list which is back on the front burner after three months of neglect.

So why aren’t I delirious with joy? At the moment it’s purely weather related. This acclimation process–defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as the “physiological adjustment by an organism to environmental change”–is so not fun. The humidity is literally sapping every ounce of energy I have. I can walk miles in the 100-degree plus heat of the desert but have trouble making it around the block in this humidity!  humidity2

Just a few weeks ago I was hauling boatloads of stuff into a flatbed trailer as I continued the process of de-cluttering mom’s house. Under intensely blue cloudless skies, literally baking under the scorching Arizona sun, where temps reached the low 100’s for weeks on end, I never once was drenched in sweat…. even through all the labor-intensive work around the house and during five-mile power walks  every morning.  But here in Middle Earth, just the 20 steps to the mailbox leaves me dripping in sweat and wanting to change clothes once back indoors. Walking the poodle around the block, down the hill and back up makes me ready for my second cold shower of the day. Add a work-out at the gym and I’m showering again. Yep…I’m spending a lot of time in the shower not to mention I’m back to using a lot of product on my hair in an effort to keep it in my zip code. humidity3

So I figure this acclimation thing is gonna take some time.  I’m trying to get my head back into the game in more ways than one. Yesterday I even got back in the cycling saddle. I’m way behind training for our October cycling vacation. We put in 30 miles and It trashed me for the rest of the day. Rocket-man says it’s just because I haven’t cycled in many months (Translation: You are out of shape Cristina). Ah… but I’m blaming it on Middle-Earth humidity. Yeah…I’ll admit it. It’s an ego thing. I’m only human.

One thought on “Acclimation…So Not Fun

  1. Reality can be a bummer! Glad you are back ‘home’ with the boys. I know they are thankful. I have thought of you often but just never picked up the phone. Sounds as though things are moving along in Arizona. What has Mom decided to do? Promise I will talk to you soon. Love you, Mabe


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