Dreary Weather is OK

It’s a rainy, dreary day in Middle Earth and it looks like our wet weather will continue well into next week.  That’s OK…mostly.  Lots going on in the world so I’m not complaining!   I’m grateful we had two straight days of perfectly lovely weather…which means minimal use of hair products. Yesterday morning it was a dry, cool 60 degrees when I stepped out to take The Poodle on his morning constitutional. The Poodle seemed just as happy as I for the cooler temps as he didn’t lag behind one bit on the climb uphill. I returned from our walk just in time to kiss Rocket-man good-bye before he headed off to the salt mines. I’ve been home two weeks and it’s nice to have had this much time with him. Next week he’ll be gone again on travel.

“Good-bye my baby-doll,” he says as he sets his baseball cap on his head and puts the top down on his car.  “I’m off to work to earn money so that I can buy kibble for the pooch.” “Or baubles for your baby doll,” I sometimes playfully add. Truthfully, its been a strained couple of months financially with all the happenings on the Arizona front. So, no…I don’t need anything sparkly….just a good glass of wine in the evenings and pretty much I’m good.

Yes….Rocket-man often says funny and downright adorable things…but sometimes he goes overboard and says something thoroughly inappropriate. I’ll never forget such a transgression while we were dating: I had playfully stuck my tongue out at him over something silly we were discussing and he replied, straight-faced, “No thank you, I use toilet paper.” Excuse me?! I was thoroughly mortified. Keep in mind I was brought up in ramrod straight-laced fashion by a set of parents each with their unique capacity for overbearing strictness. I wasn’t even allowed to eat fried chicken with my fingers let alone even think of something so… um…..uncouth. And yes, it was almost a game-changer for tying the knot with Rocket-man but I reasoned that he had some pretty important life-skills…like he could add lots of numbers up in his head (without the use of a calculator) and better still, he didn’t blink an eye when I took his Pittsburgh Steeler bedspread off his bed and permanently retired it to a closet.

So, on this dreary weather day….a day also of unbelievable sadness as the world seems to be getting crazier with each passing moment, I’m gonna embrace Rocket-man’s off-beat sense of humor and take pleasure in being able to relax after months of family sadness and drama.  This day will include a nap, a good book and some time with my new fitness toy….a $49.95 weighted jump-rope that I found on The Grommet,  http://www.thegrommet.com/sports-fitness.  It’s a terrific jump rope folks and since I cannot run for cardio, I’m gonna jump…until my knees again say otherwise that is!  Yep…expensive…. but I’m worth it.

Cross Rope weighted jump rope

Cross Rope weighted jump rope


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