Return to California

The day started early, even before the chickens were up. Before dawn broke Rocket-man and I were on a plane headed for California, San Jose to be specific. For two days leading up to our departure I couldn’t help humming that song from the sixties: Dionne Warwick’s Do You Know The Way To San Jose…. It’s now stuck in my head in one of those endless loops….

So Rocket-man and I are finally taking a week to kick back (sort of) and spend some quality time together. This will be a working vacation, physically working our bodies that is. We’ll be cycling for six days from Big Sur to Santa Barbara with Bicycle Adventures. This will be our fifth cycling vacation, our third with Bicycle Adventures. They offer a great service and we’ve enjoyed every one of our trips with them (I’d include the link to their website but I’m having technical issues with this old iPad!). And sidebar….what happened to my photos?! AY, ay….Seems I didn’t get them synced? I’m definitely having user issues. Oh well. It is what it is, I say!

Back to topic….

Mind you, I am in not shape to be cycling six consecutive days. My knees are shot and I’ve put very little time in the saddle due to the family issues that have dominated much of my time this year. So this should be an interesting week. I’m looking forward to the challenges for sure, but mostly I’m excited that I’ll be cycling with great California friends–terrific women–the Biker Chicks, once again.

So, within an hour of being in California my heart is lighter than its been for a few months. I love being in a city again with lots of restaurant options and an eclectic mix of people, shopping, and architecture. It’s lovely to be back to the land of palm trees and beautiful weather (although it’s awfully dry because of drought conditions). And, in a few days I’ll see what my heart has been yearning for since I left California two years ago: the ocean. “My” ocean.

The downside of being back in California? It’s expensive. That’s not something I had forgotten. In fact, it was one of the reasons we decided to leave the state. Still, I thought it was just a tad ridiculous to pay $21.00 for a five minute taxi ride from the airport to the hotel. And, at the hotel store, an additional 10 cent charge because I didn’t provide my own bag for my purchase.

I know. Just go with the flow…focus on the bliss in this moment….

Tomorrow it will be day One on the bike. Fingers crossed that my knees don’t fail me on the hilly climbs.

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