Happier than the Sun

Part of our cycling route along California's Central Coast

Part of our cycling route along California’s Central Coast

Oh what a delight to see the ocean again! My heart nearly exploded with happiness, Here I am cycling with my California Biker Chick friends once again.  It’s as if I never left California. And for brief moments along the day, I found myself forgetting that two years have flown by; . I’m still in Redondo Beach and it was just business as usual cycling with this wonderful group of strong, beautiful and intelligent women.  What a treat….in fact, I have to pinch myself.  I’m one lucky woman!

So, day one of cycling California’s central coast was an easy-breezy 31 or so miles from Marina Dunes Park to Carmel along route 1. I’ll swear I was happier than the sun as I cycled along the ocean. Stunning vistas….spectacular colors of blue…from light to dark and greens sometime as deep as emerald, greeted us once we made our way to the ocean..  My heart flipped in somersault fashion as I cycled along the coast.   I loved the dramatic ocean sprays as water crashed into rocks. and I almost envied the Seals sitting on rocks basking in the late morning sun.  Ah what a life you’ve got Mr. Seal,  I thought as I cycled passed the last one sitting a top a rock.  And later in the afternoon, I loved how the light danced on the water making in sparkle as if gazillions of diamonds had fallen from the heavens.

Since I’ve been away from California and big cities in general  for over two years. I’ll confess to being overwhelmed by seeing so many people out and about.  Good grief….am I that isolated living in “middle earth?” I thought to myself.  I remind myself again that it’s only temporary….like so many things.

There were parts of the path that we were cycling on as we made our way out of the urban areas that were clogged with people and I was  nervous as I negotiated the path trying not to hit anyone or be hit. in the process.  There were so many people of every shape, color and age out in the streets…cycling, walking, leisurely strolling, running, skating….surfboards or morning coffee in hand…..or leashed, happy tail-wagging dogs..  The place was abuzz with activity  with people–and cars–  everywhere!   True,  it was Sunday and to be expected on a gloriously beautiful day,  but this is the life I remember from my eight years in California. No matter what day of the week or what sides of the tracks one lives on,  there are  active,  vibrant people out  truly  embracing, in what ever way they can , what life has to offer.    THIS is California. And yes….it’s easy to do with perfect weather nearly 365 days of the year.

The next several days of cycling will include adding more miles to the day and  lots of climbing.   Legs and hearts are sure to be tested..  I’m ready…and if my legs give out, I’ll still be happier than the sun.  The ocean has  already thoroughly lifted my spirits..

Bliss, bliss…bliss.

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