It Couldn’t Be Any Better


Day four of cycling along California’s Central coast ended with a wine and cheese gathering just steps from the ocean in Pismo Beach. Rocket-man and I had already enjoyed a 4-mile walk on the beach, perfect after a 50-mile day on the bike. My legs were definitely feeling the effects of four consecutive days of cycling but true to the acronym provided by our wonderful Bicycle Adventures guide Jessica– No “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out) –I wasn’t about to pass on the opportunity to enjoy a beach walk–feet in the water all along the way–just as I had done nearly everyday for eight years when living in Southern California. There were sand dollars everywhere. I picked up five or six along the walk to share with the group later. But mostly I was intent on soaking-in the ocean view. I loved watching birds skittering about in the sand looking for food and I just couldn’t get enough of the water, powerful and soft at the same time, glistening in the late afternoon sun. I’ll admit that at times I felt a melancholy tug at my heart; I’ve only got this experience for a few more days then it’s back to “middle earth.”

The sunset was absolutely spectacular…breathtaking really….as our group gathered together to enjoy the wine, beer, cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit that our guides had provided for us. We laughed about this or that as we snacked and shared our thoughts about the day’s ride, all agreeing that the long, downhill section with the wind at our backs was the most exhilarating part of the ride.

The stunning sunset was just another unexpected gift for the day and a thrilling way to end another day with wonderful friends. It just couldn’t be any better. I wish everyone could experience a day this way. But no matter the circumstance, to me the take-away message about any day is to find a moment….and that is all it needs to be…one moment…that fills your heart with joy.

4 thoughts on “It Couldn’t Be Any Better

    • So funny Cookie. Why just yesterday i had a fleeting thought to leave Rocket-man and dig my heels in the SoCal sand ….alas, i kind like him more….he’s growing on me….after all these years….’bout time he says!


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