Earworm Blues

Music ear worms far better than those negative ones!

Music ear worms far better than those negative ones!









I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus underneath the Christmas tree last night….”

Over and over… this Christmas song has been playing in my head….morning, noon, and night.  I don’t even know all the lyrics to this song!  I’ve been humming it….singing parts of it….in my head and out loud….

I’m not sure how this particular ear-worm got into my head but it needs to make an exit….like now would be good.  Short of putting my head into a bucket of ice water, I’m not sure how to get rid of it. It’s been rolling around in my head for a couple of days.  Hmm…or has it been a week now?  Did it begin as a result of sitting in one dead car for three hours waiting for a tow truck?  Thinking about how the ear-worm got lodged into my head isn’t enough to help me forget Michael Jackson’s high pitch voice to that song either.  And pray tell, why must Rocket-man chime in with trivia when I tell him of my problem?!

“Oh…you see…. The Jackson 5 were not the first to sing this song. I think Wayne Newton….or, hmm…was it Andy Williams…who made the recording before Michael Jackson did,” informs Rocket-man.  I’ll confess to turning a deaf-ear to my husband.  And, for the record a British dude wrote and produced the song back in 1952 and it was sung by thirteen year-old Jimmy Boyd.  Inquiring minds check here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Saw_Mommy_Kissing_Santa_Claus).  HA! Who said this blog spot wasn’t educational!  Any how, since then, a number of artists, to include Bobby Sherman, Reba McEntire, Mitch Miller and John Mellencamp sang their versions.  And why, for heaven’s sake, I’m I even bothering to go all “factoid” about this silly Christmas song?  It’s certainly not helping to get that song out of my head!

Excuse me while I go off in search of that ice bucket….

So, my current ear-worm blues got me to thinking about things that get stuck in one’s head.  Like negative stuff.  Negative ear-worms!

Why is it that negative thoughts so easily worm their way into our brains, like some weird virulent sci-fi type bacteria, literally spreading from head to heart in minutes, obliterating positive thoughts (and the possibility of them too).

How I’d love to be able to take a pill designed specifically for negative ear-worm eradication.  I’d argue that it’s a health imperative that needs addressing–way more important than global warming!  Drug companies could make a fortune selling supplements to snuff out negative ear-worms.  And for the record, absolutely it would be a natural (non-hallucinogenic) drug.  Precautions on the label?  Warning: This drug will kill negative ear-worms. A rush of positive thoughts may leave you feeling unusually blissful for hours and hours.  Can you imagine a world full of blissful people with nary a negative thought in their heads?!

Alas, wishful thinking, right.  But who knows: They’ve sent a man to the moon…. and scientists have successfully cloned some animals….

So on this first day of the New Year I’m doing what I can to take it moment by moment despite the efforts of some negative ear-worms trying their best to derail a positive start to the new year. I realize in this life it’s often five steps forward and one or two back, but the point of it all is just to keep moving forward.  Onward.

To that end, on this day I’ve got a pot of lentils simmering on the stove for later inclusion into an Italian recipe I’m trying for the first time.  And, I’ve decided to try a new veggie since my sis suggested I give it a try: Parsnips.  I’m not certain this pale cousin to carrots will be my thing but I’ve got some chopped and drizzled with olive oil ready for roasting in the oven.

So, I’ve still got Michael Jackson in my ear. I suppose it’s far better to have a musical ear-worm than a negative ear-worm.

Yes! That’s the spirit!  Embrace the music and banish the rest.  Here’s to kicking at least one negative ear-worm to a galaxy far, far away!

Happy New Year ❤





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