Careful What You Wish For

I talked briefly with my sis today; she called while I was on my afternoon walk.   We haven’t been communicating in our normal manner for some weeks… for a number of reasons.  Truth be told, lots of stuff weighing on our minds and some drama to go with it.   So when she called I let out a silent sigh of relief to hear her voice.  Sis seemed in fairly good spirits.  This despite being cooped-up since late Saturday due to the massive snow storm that hit the east coast last weekend.  Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.  received–in many places– a whopping 35-40 inches of snow, all during a 36-hour period!  Sis and family were literally snowed-in!  Snow plows still hadn’t made it to her neighborhood as of early Tuesday morning.  A  plow finally came down her street at 10:53 a.m.  She even sent me a text message with a video of the plow making its way through her neighborhood.   I knew sis and family were safe –cocooned really–in their beautiful, cozy home but I worried–as did she–that they would lose power. Fortunately, they never did. But still, cabin fever would have made me a loony-tune by now.  Though I had no doubt that sis would weather the storm beautifully I was still in awe that sis sounded so good.

The media stories about the snow to include a day of dangerous blizzard conditions, airport closures stranding thousands of travelers, as well as tweets on Twitter and Facebook posts from friends living in the affected areas got me thinking about our upcoming move to Maryland.  I’m not going to handle snow days very well.  This did not use to be a problem for me.  I loved my Colorado years in the snow including the magnificence of Pikes Peak topped with snow year round and comical memories of my first time on a ski lift.  I loved my first snow shoe adventure, and hikes in the snow…even long runs, in the snow!  I’ll forever cherish the time I went cross-country skiing in Oregon.  But now, I’ve got trashed knees that certainly aren’t going to respond well to ice and snow!  I can take snow–for a day… or two, tops.

It didn’t take long for me to get depressed.

Really depressed.snow

Oh sure…all the photos folks shared were beautiful, stunning in fact.

Kids…dogs…parents…. all frolicking happily in the beautiful white snow….

A guy on skis on the National Mall…in front of the Washington Monument….

Trees, streets, homes, and buildings blanketed in pristine white against a backdrop of a brilliant blue sky….

All very lovely.  Beautiful…really!

But still.  It’s snow…a lot of snow.  And ice.  Dangerous ice.  And there’s the shoveling of snow, and driving in it, and worrying about loved ones driving in it.  And it’s freaking, frigidly cold!  My hands and feet are already displaying their array of  Raynaud’s colors just thinking about moving north.

When we moved from Northern Virginia in November of 2004, my final act as we backed out of our driveway, our car packed to the gills for our cross-country drive to Southern California, was to throw our snow shovel away.  Nope. I wasn’t one bit interested in finding a home for that snow shovel!   So yes, I took a perfectly good snow shovel and dropped it right into the trash bin.  I was positively euphoric about leaving cold weather!  And for eight years I rarely suffered from my Raynaud’s problem.

So now we are going back to it.  I’m honestly trying to not think of this as a cruel turn of events but snowmageddon is making it mighty difficult.

I know.  It’s a “be careful what you wish for” kind of thing.   After all, I wanted out of middle-earth and the universe responded!


In all seriousness:  The move is the right one for Rocket-man.  He’ll also be able to deal more effectively with his mother’s growing health issues and I’ll be closer to my sis and family.  But, read this:  It is not a  forever thing!

This move will simply be another adventure in our life and times and embracing it will make life much sweeter for all (most importantly, me).  I just need to buck up and stop the little pity party I’m having on this chilly middle-earth night.  So…glass of wine in hand I think I’ll get started.  It’s time to shop for more blankets, gloves, sweaters, boots…

….and a snow shovel.  Better yet, a snow blower!

Eventually, even if it is just my ashes….I’ll get back to ocean breezes and warm weather year-round.

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