Heads May Pop….

election20162I didn’t plan on it folks. Trust me. But…..

The other night I was perusing Facebook and came across an upcoming event in my area. Don’t you just love it when Facebook suggests events that you should attend that are near to your location?  Not. Truthfully, mostly extremely annoying.

Still, I couldn’t resist.  I click on the link to the event and read it over for a moment or two. Hmm. It’s free and it’s practically around the corner.

My wheels are spinning.  Should we go? It’s on Sunday. Perhaps it would be awfully entertaining. Or not. There are other ways to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, even here in middle-earth land.  And, should we be seen attending this event it could be misconstrued by some in the community. I can almost hear the tongues wagging: Ah, she’s certifiably nuts. Or perhaps worse, She’s one of us.

I sent Rocket-man a text message and asked if he’d like to spend a couple of hours on Sunday at this event.

Tic-Tic-tic…I wait for his reply. At last he texts back: “Sure, why not. It should be entertaining and besides, it’ll no doubt serve as validation for crossing him off the list.”

I chuckle over this. Clearly we are not living an exciting life these days.

So I went ahead and signed up.  It meant filling out an invite form with name, address and phone numbers. So I wouldn’t be barraged by calls and junk mail, I entered zeros in the phone number fields and gave Rocket-man’s work address, then clicked “send.” There. Done. I signed up for our Sunday entertainment.

I called my sis this morning to tell her about our Sunday plans.

“What?” Are you serious? How can you possibly want to go and listen to that guy….he’s just awful!”

“I know, I know. We’re clearly desperate for entertainment,” I joked. “But, you’ve no need to worry. We bailed on his bandwagon months ago but, well… it’s free…and, in all seriousness, it’s an opportunity for us to see the guy face to face. We want to see and hear for ourselves if there is anything else to the man besides what is portrayed in the media.”

So folks, here’s to hoping that your heads won’t pop off over this…

We’re attending a Donald Trump event on Sunday. It’s been a raucous and ugly campaign season to be sure. The worst ever.  Never before have we struggled to make sense of the field of candidates as in this election year and while we have dumped Trump the jury is still out for us for the remainder of the field.  Yes, we have crossed Trump off our list (really, we have) but we cannot deny an opportunity to learn more.  Is there any shred of substance at all to this candidate?  Honestly, I can’t imagine that our opinions will change (well…speaking for myself anyhow) but Rocket-man and I would be remiss to rely solely on sound bites and  bias across all media platforms.

Having said that–though it would have been terrific to see a woman hold the highest office in the land– I’ll admit that hell would have to freeze over before I’d ever attend a Hillary Clinton event.

2 thoughts on “Heads May Pop….

  1. All I can say is… I’ve been on Trump band wagon since the beginning. If you want things to change (i.e. The shake up) you cannot insert the status quo. That is… You cannot insert the politician regardless of slant, in order to get the change needed to set non-compliance and stonewalling on it’s ear. Donald Trum represents capitalism at it’s best. He of all people knows how to allow free enterprise to happen.


    • Rocket-man agrees on so many levels however he is concerned that Trump is “All Bun and No Meat.” I think he’s all cheese…the Swiss variety. Clinton and Sanders are rat poison! Cannot wrap my head around either of them. More than nine months to go with this part of the craziness. The fun continues…..


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