I received the text from my daughter just as I was leaving.

“You have to get out of that crazy state mom!”

I knew exactly what it was about. I smiled as I texted her back.

“I’m at a Trump rally. It’s crazy here! My attendance is for information purposes mind you. Don’t worry.”

The Donald

The Donald

“What is wrong with you!,” came the reply. Followed by “I’m so disappointed…”

Here we go.

She’d been listening to the news when she heard that our state senator had formally endorsed Trump. She hadn’t expected that I’d be at a Trump rally.  Instead of texting my response I called her as Rocket-man and I walked the mile back to where our car was parked.

I found myself having to defend my decision to attend a Trump rally and frankly, I was just a wee bit annoyed. My daughter and I do not share the same political views and that’s quite alright. Years ago as she prepared to vote in her first national election I was immensely proud of her becoming involved in the political process.  She made a real effort to become informed.  She read, she watched the news and she genuinely took interest in gaining knowledge about the issues as well as the candidates. I didn’t agree with some of her views and told her why without an ounce of derision (which is what my mamma would do!) and I absolutely respected her point of view. They are hers after all.

Unfortunately, it seems the sentiment does not go both ways which is a shame…and which seems to be, IMHO, the hallmark of those on the left.

“I went because I saw an opportunity,” I explained. “The Trump rally was practically in my back yard, so it made sense to attend. And, I tried to get tickets to Rubio who was also in town but event registrations had already closed. More importantly, I went to see the man for myself instead of relying solely on what is portrayed in the media.”

She seemed to understand though I’m sure she has reported to all of her friends that her mom is a lunatic because she went to a Trump rally. No matter that if the shoe had been on the other foot I would have applauded her efforts to be involved in the process of making an informed decision about the candidates.

I don’t think my sis was too pleased with me either.  She was aghast that I went to the Trump rally.

“Would it help if you knew that I didn’t purchase any Trump memorabilia,” I joked.

“Did you expect going would actually change your mind about him?” She asked.

To be honest, yes…and no.  I’ve never had such a tough time deciding on a candidate before.  All of the remaining GOP candidates are flawed…again, IMHO. The last debate was an embarrassingly ridiculous spectacle…a circus-circus style fracas where candidates (and moderators) performed disastrously. It was sickening to watch Trump, Rubio and Cruz attack each other like elementary school girls on the playground. One of these men will go on to lead our country and all they can do is snipe at each other over hair styles and other physical attributes.  Seriously?

I will say attending the rally was exciting. I’d never been to a political rally before. Reports are that 15,000 attended though Trump of course doubled that number in his first few words to the crowds chanting before him. There was a lot of electricity and energy in the air. People frantically waving their Trump signs or their small American flags…or both…chanting “Trump, Trump, Trump” or yelling in approval whenever he said anything. I was surprised by the number of young people but not surprised that there were few people of color. Young and old crowded the stadium. There were smartly dressed, well-heeled folks as well as those that clearly were neither. Unbelievably, there were even two women who wore their full-length burkas in attendance.  I even got to shake hands with Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron who was in deep conversation with one of the rally participants.  Really, meeting him made the event worthwhile for me.

So did attending the rally make a difference in my decision-making process?

Trump Rally Huntsville

Trump Rally Huntsville

Fox News Correspondent, Carl Cameron

Fox News Correspondent, Carl Cameron

Of course.

IMHO….It served to solidify my opinion of the man. I simply cannot take this candidate seriously!   He’s just a businessman-entertainer that delivers a lot of politically charged one-liners that resonate with the American people but that’s all they are…one-liners. He delivered the same sound-bites we’ve heard before.  Yes….he delivers them in plain language—holding nothing back—that is, without an ounce of diplomacy, grace, nor intellectual substance.  And while his one-liners certainly strike a chord with so many of us who are disgusted with the direction our country is going at the hands of our government and its political leaders,  the certain truth is this: He doesn’t have a reasonable, coherent plan for our country.  I cannot find a shred of substance to indicate this man would be the best leader for our country.  That is…In My Humble Opinion.

There is no bliss to be found in these confusing and deeply troubled times.

6 thoughts on “IMHO

  1. Oh, My. Oh. My. And on the cusp of my first AL visit, too! Hahahahahaha!
    All-righty. I will agree with my dear friend here on the action to become informed before becoming intended. It’s the American thing to do.

    My view, albeit GOP as well, is that our system (the modern American democratic system), has been corrupted by too many previous entrants who had good intentions prior to their installment and who fell seriously silent after their initiation.

    Our early American democratic system was built on everyday people. These people rarely had any prior political experience. These people, as history was keen on covering, were seriously flawed as well. Not the least of the reasons were because they were not politically spun nor did they have specialized handlers. They simply were who they were from many backgrounds, however the one thing they did have in common was they were all intelligent. These people, who were originally elected, were invested because their livelihoods were at stake. And the people around them…their livelihoods were at stake. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

    Enter the 20th and 21st century. No, we’ve not even gone back far enough, but for now we’ll stick with those. Politics has become a livelihood. A livelihood of entitlement, abdication, and grass-roots abandonment. The elected of the most recent decades have been culled and coddled and created to remain in the ring without touching the ground. Remember that little item previous? Those people who see their livelihoods threatened? What do they do? They will defend it at all costs.

    Enter the general population of moral substance. The sway of the haves and the have-nots. And I’m not even going into the color of your skin because it has been shown that regardless of your race, if you have had a moral upbringing, you know that work is the play of the good and idleness is the play of the hungry. And the devil wants discord. The whole of value is the credit of work that goes with your name.

    Enter Donald Trump. What he is, is what he is not. He is a businessman.
    He is not a politician. He sounds like a mogul. He does not speak like a president. He sees the American Dream of work and reward at risk. He does not see entitlement and government meddling as freedom. He sees his livelihood at risk. His is the dream of almost all Americans. To work and to see reward. Not all aspire to Mogul-hood. Not even me. But, I do not see how the government will allow me the right to work and to reap and keep my own rewards. Based on history this will not be so. My and your livihood is at risk. No, not even the career GOP candidates other than Donald Trump will help that because remember, they have been in and have been culled for and have been coddled around and have been purposefully created for the livelihood of the politician. Their feet have not touched the ground for a very long time.

    So…a success is a success. Donald Trump is a success. Donald Trump never promised he would become a politician. He has however, promised to surround himself with the most intelligent and capable people on our American soil, so that the American Dream of work and reward without interference can be resurrected. We cannot have reward for idleness. We cannot reward those who wish to limit what the Dream can be and give it away just because they’ve made more.

    Vote for the American Dream. Vote for Donald Trump. Not because he sounds like a politician, as he clearly does not and obviously is not, but because he is a success. An American Dream success.


  2. Hey Momma! I know I am bad about keeping up and reading here! Just wanted to say that I do respect your POV even when different than my own but was just really shocked only specifically by “Trump” part of the equation. He’s a person who regardless of political beliefs I have no respect for due to the way he behaves and his stance on issues core to humanity. That day in particular was a particularly eventful day where he made multiple racist gaffes, and two days before spoke about suing the media and violating 1st amendment rights. He has continued to use rhetoric during his campaign that equates to condoning and committing war crimes, and has built his campaign by fueling the hate, rage and anger of his supporters. It says a lot that the majority of his supporters in exit polls are “young, uneducated, angry” men who are not representative of our country as a whole. His candidacy represents an incredibly dangerous situation which is making EVEN me wish that Romney won last year so we could bypass this insanity or that Biden was running this year to calm the political waters. I know that regardless of our respective political leanings that we agree on many of these concerns regarding Trump! See! Bipartisan!


    • Absolutely. And just for the record, there was quite a diverse crowd at the rally (not just angry young white men) many of whom were doing the same thing we were; gathering information to make the best decision possible given the sorely-lacking-in-the-“right stuff ” field of candidates. And no…we did not cast our vote for Mr. Trump.


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