Wake Me When It’s Over

Tonight is the first presidential debate. Yes….. I’m gonna watch it and then afterwards, I’d like to take a pill.

To be clear, I am not one to take pills of any kind.  Still, the choice of candidates–the devil we know and the devil we don’t know— makes me want to sleep for….um…let’s say…four years.  I’ve already told Rocket-man that I will not watch television on election night. That would be a first for me in more than four decades!  I went so far as to say I’d rather watch a Steerlers game.  What’s that saying?!  I’ve succumbed to that. Horrors!

This year at the voting booth, I feel like I’m being asked to pick my poison.  It won’t matter which one I pick.  Either choice will make me violently ill, for a long time.    But yes, I’ll cast a vote early in the morning come election day with the hope of course that the polling station in a non-denominational church just down the hill from my house is handing out Krispy Kreme donuts as they did four years ago.  I’d rather have a doughnut than an “I Voted” sticker.  The rest of the day I’ll do whatever I can to escape the insanity that is sure to come.

The sting of voting this year may be easier with a Krispy Kreme....

The sting of voting this year may be easier with a Krispy Kreme….

NO!  I will not listen to CNN nor Fox News nor NPR nor BBC radio whilst driving around in my car.   I’ll have Hearts of Space music and Spotify playlists blasting through my ears.  I won’t sit at the computer either.  I’ve got a boatload of stuff to binge-watch on Netflix.  Thank goodness my Boy Scout purchase of Trails End popcorn arrived just the other day!

Hmm….note to self:  Turn off notifications on all my devicesSigh.  Becoming a head-in-the-sand ostrich is a bit more tricky in this tech and social media driven age.  I suppose if I could rid myself of all of my devices and arrange for travel to, say Nepal…or the North Pole….or a spot smack dab in the middle of the Australian outback, I’d find just the right level of insulation from all the insanity going on around the world (though I’d probably meet my end by a venomous snake as I stuffed myself silly with chocolate glaze and sprinkles….).

Rocket-man cannot tune out completely.  He must stay connected.  What goes on in the world drives his work…his purpose.  And yet, when his head hits the pillow at night he’s out in 10 seconds flat.  I’m often flabbergasted that he can tune out the madness of the world so easily.  I still cannot shake the image of the Aleppo boy….nor just recently Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson sticking out his tongue during an interview with an MSNBC reporter.  Seriously? Seriously.  Check out YouTube.   In case you missed it you can watch a clip here…then, go eat a doughnut:


Is it any wonder that I want to go face down into a box of Krispy Kremes while sitting in the middle of the outback?

Wake me when it’s over Rocket-man.

5 thoughts on “Wake Me When It’s Over

  1. You pretty much summed it up Cristina. In light of all the turbulent racial unrest , I do not in any support HRC. One reason we have moved backwards in the last few years has been directly linked to the current POTUS. We need a strong 💪 leader, not one that ignores the heinous acts of ISIS, not one who ignores the multiple people shot and killed every week in Chicago, not one who thinks he and his family deserve lavish vacations at taxpayers expends and certainly not one who would bring 10,000 inverted immigrants in lieu of taking care of our seniors, our veterans , our children who live in squander.
    Didn’t support TRUMP in the beginning but will cast my vote in support of him being our next POTUS. He’s not afraid to take on REAL issues we have here In our great country. HRC would be the same o same o. God bless for which ever takes the helm.

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    • I know Miss Sue! Cannot wrap my brain around any of this. The thought of the Clinton’s back in the White House makes my head explode. The leftist, liberal agenda will continue. It’s really no better with Trump; Partisanship will insure another four years of gridlock in Washington D.C. that’s for certain. The divide in our country will deepen and widen all with the help of the liberal media.Why can’t journalists just report the news and not edit content to suit agendas and narritives?! Anyhow…. For a nano-second I thought of voting Libertarian…first time ever (my level of desperation)! Obviously, in light of Gary Johnson’s deer-in-the-headlights response to “What is Aleppo” and then sticking out his tongue like a two year-old during an interview….I cannot in good conscience cast my vote for him either. What’s the worst thing that HRC will do? She’ll pick the next Supreme Court judge (or two) which will reverberate for generations! I’m sure we will all pick ourselves up and move on after November 8th but it’s not going to be easy. I see a lot more wine in my future….how about yours? Love ya. We NEED to get together girlfriend.


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