The Day After….

What a night. Incredible!

It was just me and The Poodle…and a bottle of wine. A good, bold red. Rocket-man, away on business travel, was able to connect with me several times over the course of the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

We were shocked beyond belief.

To say that I am relieved that Clinton did not win is an understatement. And yet, Trump’s stunning win is no victory. It is, however, a clear declaration that most of us are fed up with the status quo and elitist politics. I am saddened as well that Clinton did not address her supporters and campaign staff last night. Sure, it was after 2 p.m. when she placed the concession call to Trump. Her supporters across the nation deserved even two minutes of her presence on the stage. They worked tirelessly for her. Her silence stuns me.

Many mourn this election outcome. Many are jubilant. I am certainly not among the latter; I remain deeply worried.
So what now?

Pray. Seems like a cliché, I know.

Pray that we will all be proven wrong about the kind of leader Trump will be. Pray that deep bruises and divisions heal. We all need to come together and end eight years of divisiveness. We need to become kinder, gentler and more respectful of each other. Our nation simply cannot afford continued ugliness and vitriol that has plagued all sides…literally every nook and crevice of our country.

grace1Let us move forward with grace. Let us go forward with a firm resolve to be part of a movement that unifies instead of hates… through real dialogue, hard work, commitment, cooperation and greater acceptance.

It’s my sincere hope, on this day after and beyond.

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