Simply. Perfect. Now.

Ten days until the end of November…. and It’s about time.  Truth be told I’d nearly given up.  In solitary fashion they’ve been sitting on a shelf in the closet waiting for their time to serve.

Ugg time, that is.

It’s finally gotten chilly enough in middle-earth Alabama to warrant Ugg boots.  Some would say they are UGLY boots to which I’d vehemently disagree.  While they are not uber-cool, calf-hugging, Italian leather fashion statements they are pure heaven to my perennially cold feet. That makes them beautiful to me.

Until the last few days, we’ve had uncharacteristically warm weather in the South.  We’ve also had less than ten drops of rain for quite some time. In fact, 46 of 67 Alabama counties are in a drought emergency.  This will not be the best of Thanksgivings for farmers.   Still, folks around here are more optimistic than I ever could be given the same circumstance.  They are polite as can be and quick with smiles as well as good cheer…as in: “Y’all have a blessed Thanksgiving.”

I’m bundled up for this morning’s walk with The Poodle.  It’s only 30 degrees but there is a breeze which makes me shiver with those first few steps out the door. The crisp autumn air feels wonderfully invigorating, clearing cobwebs out of my mind. I eschew music preferring instead to listen to the crunch of leaves under my feet and the rustle of leaves still stubbornly clinging to their branches.  My heart sings when I see pops of bright red Maple trees in a yard just down the hill.  Though still muted in color compared to places more north and east of us middle-earth is finally showing some autumn beauty .  Perfection would be the magnificent yellow-gold of Colorado Aspens.  Ah…I did it again!  I erase that thought immediately.

Perfection is now.

It’s all too easy to find something negative to break the spell of this morning’s walk.  I worry about my son…I worry about a Trump presidency….I worry about my sis and family traveling during the holidays.  I worry about my husband’s mother who is declining….

But I’m determined to focus on the perfection of now… this moment.  A Poodle at my side.  The sun shining. My daughter happy.  Three brilliant red maples in front of me.  Rocket-man is home. And, as soon as this power walk with The Poodle is over I’ll swap Nike’s for Uggs.

On this day it is simple things that make for a grateful heart.  Simply put, its perfect now.

Bliss ❤️🍂🍁🍂❤️


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