Wheezy Kind Of Day…





Page four of the New Year has me battling a nasty cold. I’m a fright to behold with a chapped, leaking faucet nose most definitely redder than Rudolph’s and eyes all puffy and glassy with tell-tale signs of one not feeling even remotely 100%.  So, I’ve spent a good part of the day on the sofa silently cursing that I’d never meet my step goal for the day and going through boxes of Kleenex.    I’ve slept, read three lines of a book, slept some more, and caught up on recorded NCIS episodes.  While it is no fun to be sneezing my brains out I sincerely appreciate The Poodle at my side.   And, I wasn’t entirely a couch potato.  I did manage to fold a basket of laundry, though I have yet to put the folded items away.

Add to that our Carrier furnace went on the fritz yesterday. Our house,  just under seven years old, has three units (its a large house) and in the last year two have died.  In My Humble Opinion, these things should not go kaput after less than seven years (and how convenient that they’ve decided to quit just outside of the warranty!  Grrrr)  A new unit is on order but most likely it can’t be installed until next week.  So, while our President-Elect may have kept some Carrier jobs in the U.S.,  I’m majorly unimpressed and won’t go with a Carrier product ever again!

It’s gonna get mighty chilly this evening…(29℉, at last call).  Good thing I’ve got a down comforter to bury under…as well as The Poodle on one side and Rocket-man on the other.  We will all keep toasty all the while feeling blessed that there are folks in the world that don’t have place to call home.

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