One Resolution




I stumbled upon a Tweet/meme this morning that brought home a recent conversation with the wind-beneath-my-wings friend of close to thirty years.  I hadn’t talked to her for many, many moons…too many in fact.  Simply put, as is often the case,  life gets in the way.  Still, she is one of my true-blue friends that I can count on one hand, with fingers left over…a friend that listens and loves without judgement and though a year may pass, can pick up a phone and talk as if we’d only just met yesterday at the local Starbucks for Lattes.

The Tweet?

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~ Plato

Truth!   And from a dude who lived more than 2,000 years ago!

My friend had articulated basically the same thing at one point during our half-hour phone conversation, which is why the tweet caught my attention as I quickly skimmed through days worth of missed tweets while standing in line at the post-office.  As I listened to some of the heartaches my friend was dealing with I felt a knot in my heart.  I ached to be able to provide some kind of life-altering advice.  You know what I mean: as in a light-bulb moment in which I find the perfect solution to the issues she faced.  Alas, nothing came.  I could only listen with heart and soul and offer words of comfort along with a smidgen of wisdom from my own hard-won experiences, which of course, she knew hands-down anyway!  She was doing the right things; making the best decisions possible at any given moment.  It’s the stuff that we all strive to do when faced with challenges…even when we surely encounter folks along the way who judge harshly though they walk not in our shoes.  As we ended our conversation, I shared, once again, that I too pinch myself with gratitude every single day: But for the grace of God, I’d be drowning once again as I did years ago.  Truth be told, my friend has handled what life throws her amazingly well and with abundant grace.  I know this because she is still laughing and the sound lifts my spirit on this dreary, rain-filled day.

Hours after our conversation ended, as I pushed a steam mop across the kitchen floor, I thought about her laughter and the circumstances that brought us together her all those years ago.  I’m transported….It’s as if it were yesterday…and I’m young again (almost).   Through those often tumultuous years of my life, and sometimes hers, there has always been laughter.  She’s not the kind to entertain pity parties; she kicks them to the curb before the thought even has a chance to take root.  That’s what majorly impressed me about her all those years ago, and still does.

So, with all my grumpiness over a multitude of things, uppermost being this ridiculous house saga–one that has dragged on for nearly fifteen months –I need to remind myself to adopt the same attitude.  Pity parties to the curb you go with special emphasis on empathy for the man or woman I may pass on the street or in the produce aisle at the grocery store;  those folks who have nothing positive or constructive to say or who cut me off in traffic or cut in front of me in line at the post office.  Who knows what battles they may be fighting.

So, my one resolution for 2017? The end of pity parties…. and more laughter.  Ah yes….that does make two doesn’t it?!

Okay… so that’s the plan!

[Hopeful] but especially grateful.



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