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Wow. The Dow hits an all-time high.  Investor confidence has certainly surged in the wake of the November election. But it can also plunge too.  It’s all air money anyway so I tell my hubby.  Still,  I’ve got about ten nickles or so to my name.  This high makes me mighty hopeful that my meager savings for assisted living care will grow with this new guy in the White House.  But I was hopeful under the last guy too for a host of reasons– financial prosperity honestly not chief among them — and that turned out to be quite the disappointment, for me at least.

So, I’ll admit that I watched a good deal of the presidential inauguration last Friday. Rocket-man was away on business travel overseas so it was just The Poodle and moi and the television on for most of the day.  I stayed in my flannel p.j.’s nearly til noon forgoing my usual routine of an early morning workout. The Poodle didn’t get his customary long walk either, which I regretted because in the days that followed we had intense weather in middle-earth land (which made The Poodle mighty unhappy) accompanied by lots of rain and powerful winds.

I’ve watched inaugurations before, but usually I tune in only for the swearing-in and perhaps a glimpse of an evening ball.  But, with all the campaign rancor and toxicity that has characterized both sides of the political aisle for the better part of two years I was supremely curious how the inauguration festivities would go. True to form–CNN had one version of events and Fox News had quite another. It’s no wonder we cannot trust the media.

And, naturally I wanted to see what the First Lady would be wearing.  She didn’t disappoint. She was a vision channeling Jacqueline Kennedy.  I suppose she is well aware that her every move will be severely scrutinized over the next four years.   Indeed, just hours after Trump’s swearing-in, celebrities continue to skewer with vicious rants and sometimes drunken diatribes.  I watched some of the Woman’s March on Washington too.  My head–blessedly free from a knitted cap–is still reeling to comprehend some of what I watched and heard.  There are kinder, gentler ways to opine, in my humble opinion.   I’ve already made a purge of all my Madonna music and I’ve lost any respect I had for Ashley Judd.   It ruffles my feathers when people, including Hollywood talents, find it necessary to sling arrows at every turn, even aiming them at a ten-year old boy.  They are nothing more than bullies.  Comedian and so-called feminist, Chelsea Handler–whom I could give a fig about–also weighed in with her riveting assessment: “She [Melania] barely speaks English.”   Or others who call Melania “stupid.”  Well, I consider myself fairly intelligent but when I try to carry on a normal conversation in Italian, with my Italian cousins…in Italy,  I am fairly certain I come across as a five-year-old.  Yes….I’d like to see just how intelligent those insult-hurling folks would sound if they had to speak Slovenian, Mrs. Trump’s native language.

It befuddles the mind why anyone finds it useful to publicly and viciously berate others (and by the way, that goes for our new commander-in-chief).

So folks, I know you’ve heard this one before but here it is again:

If you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. 

I think Thumper sums it up nicely:

I’m off my tiny little soapbox now.  It’ll be my mission today to say at least one nice thing to everyone that crosses my path, even if it must be a stretch to do so.  Just because.

May your day be filled with love and kindness and at least one nice sentiment.

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