Fingers Crossed

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks so far.  We have officially signed with listing agent number three.  Fingers crossed.  We’re optimistic that this one will be the charm needed to make a sale.  I’ve long ago given up on St. Joseph (he was thrown into a pot on the patio some weeks back, out of a moment of disgust) and turns out, eye-of-newt isn’t easy to come by.  I have gone to mass three times in as many weeks though, which I am sure must count for something!

Out of my middle-earth-land routine I’m struggling to find the sweet spot of normalcy as I continue in this limbo state.  My exercise routine is way outta whack and, to some degree, my diet too.  To be clear, I’m not lacking in the food department; every morsel eaten is delicious down to the simplest of meals. It’s healthy fare but difficult to eat mindfully and more importantly, less.  Still, while I enjoy parts of this intermediate state,  it seems prudent to stay clear of the weight scale!

As for The Poodle,  he’s having a blast on what he thinks must be an extended vacation.  He’s got his beagle buddy to romp with and two cats to terrorize—though as for the cats, the tables are turned often enough to provide plenty of hair-raising and chilling hissing-fit moments.  And, out of the chaos those daily bursts of animosity provide, the felines are not the only ones who appear to blow-up in size for intimidation purposes!  All attempts at diplomacy aside, The Poodle and the cats must come to some sort of agreement if peace is to reign in the land.  I’m hopeful that my boy will eventually step up to the plate (not the cat’s food dish, mind you…as often seems the case) and chill-out when the cats saunter into the room.

So, as my daughter’s wedding is now just days away sis and I have been busy trying to find the right shoes, accessories and whatnot to go with our wedding day outfits.  Remarkably, I had forgotten that big city life offers a plethora of choices.   This whole shopping thing has gotten exhausting.  Incredulous ladies….I know!   For example,  I spent most of one day trying to find the right strapless bra.  I have said this before…so here goes again: I’d rather get a root canal than shop for a bra.  In fact,  somewhere between the fifth or sixth try-on I vowed to re-commit to my yoga practice.

But what has really consumed my time is shopping for a dog sitter.

IMG_0175My four-legged love isn’t a fan of boarding facilities.  The first time we left him at one for a week away was quite telling.  He didn’t eat the entire stay and though he greeted us with frenetic excitement when we picked him up he then refused to look at us for the length of the ride home and most of the evening.  I’ll never forgive you! Oh the horrors of that cage!  How could you have left me like that? 

Yes….we’ve had a terrific gig in middle-earth-land with a gal I found through Dogvacay.    Instead of a boarding facility, pets enjoy a real home environment while their humans are vacationing.  I’ve interviewed four providers so far.  The first gal, an engineering student, was really nice as can be, but with a home environment that looked liked multiple bombs had gone off…or, at the very least, a tornado had just blown through. There was barely any room for me to navigate the hallways let alone one medium-standard poodle.    One room featured a lovely shiny black grand piano in the middle of the room but around it piles and piles of …well…stuff, as well as boxes stacked haphazardly throughout the room.  It was easy to visualize one of those boxes landing square on my boy’s head.  In the kitchen, there were several crated small dogs just inches away from a pantry that had food spilling out onto the floor.  Hmm. This is worrisome indeed.   The tiny deck off the kitchen was wrapped in chicken wire and also strewn with lots of stuff.  How was a dog to find its way around the mess let alone a human?  Really, I am not a neat-freak.  But, if one cannot reasonably take care of their home environment how would they take care of my four-legged love?

We made our exit –ever so politely, of course– and scheduled a meet and greet appointment with another family on the list.

After several days of scouring the DogVacay website for a home in our vicinity, going back and forth on scheduling interviews and the like, we’ve found a gal to leave our pooch with however not without a degree of trepidation.  She also was our third interview and it is unclear whether this selection will be the charm that fits both poodle and “parents.”  More to follow on that score.

Fingers crossed.

Suffice it to say that we are definitely on an adventure.

Rolling with it….mostly.


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