Over The Moon


No wedding jitters here!!


Weddings.  What comes to mind?

Most folks have a wedding story, from comical to disastrous. Thankfully, there were no disasters at this one, save some accidental beverage glass breakage.  Things went off like clockwork (at least to my eyes)…a fine testimony to the wedding-day planner as well as the bride’s and groom’s meticulous planning.  The hours leading up to the nuptials were packed with makeup and hair sessions, lots of photos, and welcomed sips of wine, mimosas, and finally champagne.  Oh how I’d love to be able to re-create my face again; such was the expertise of Kim, the sweet Smashbox makeup artist.  I felt like a Vogue model preparing for the runway when my makeup session was done.

Yes indeed.  There were 120 very happy people, including the dazzling bride–my daughter–and the handsome groom, who by the way, showed his gift for prose with beautiful love notes left for his bride before the ceremony.  And, later in the evening, there wasn’t a dry eye, I’m certain, when the groom danced with his mother and later led his 90-plus year-old grandmother to the dance floor for a spin and a whirl.


My daughter…bold and beautiful

Over-the-moon exuberance is the best way I can describe the tenor of the evening.  The entire venue was bursting with excitement, joy and laughter.  The groom knocked my daughter off her feet–literally– with his kiss at “you may now kiss your bride”.  The wind and chill of Chicago’s evening did not dampen outside festivities.  There was the precision saber of a champagne bottle by the groom as well as what seemed like a thousand sparklers illuminating the night sky.  There was crazy dancing until midnight (the mother-of-the bride confesses to needing an Advil or two to calm mighty achy knees the next morning!).  Kids in attendance had a blast too.  They danced, ran through the large reception area, played foosball, and hammed it up, both on and off the dance floor.


The venue set-up at Salvage One was truly one-of-a-kind…beautiful.  The cake? Divine.  The food? Wonderfully delicious. And the libations? Well,  not one complaint here!  Even the wedding toast to the happy couple was perfectly delivered by Rocket-man.  Met with roaring applause, it made my heart swell with joy.

And yes;  For inquiring minds, though the ex (the father of the bride) was in attendance, the high road was taken.  Closure on so many levels was achieved.

I too am over the moon;  For my daughter and for myself.

Peace…and bliss…. reigns.

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