Time Traveling Again

I’ve got painters in the house today. The entire house needs a couple of good coats of paint but finances dictate only the front foyer which includes the high ceiling, trim and hallway. Strangely enough The Poodle lays quietly in a chair nearby as four strangers in the house get on with all the prep work of positioning drop cloths, sanding, spackling, sweeping and taping. I ask the painters what kind of music would they like to hear as they work away. English isn’t their primary language. Still one guy is able to say “Eighties music, please ma’am.”

“Sure thing,” I say.

“Alexa, play eighties music from Spotify,” I command.

“Playing songs from the eighties on Spotify,” comes her reply.


Lord have mercy! I’ve been listening to classical music for too long.

So, It’s a blast-from-the-past moment on this crisp October morning.  Boy George’s Karma Chameleon fills the room.

Alexa…turn up the volume!

I’m time traveling…instantly transported back to our modest military quarters in Kansas where I lived for two years. I’m an Army wife with a cherubic baby boy whose got a lovely head-full of red curls framing his sweet face.  He’s immersed in tearing apart the pages of a T.V. Guide magazine.  It’s just the right size for his fourteen  month-old hands.  He was a good baby.  I take comfort in that part of my time travel.

I sing along as I put the breakfast dishes away paying no attention to the fact that I obviously have an audience in the house besides The Poodle.

Oh pish-posh I think.  With the immense upheaval of the return of my recalcitrant son, I need all the silliness I can muster to get through one moment and on to the next.

MUSIC… instant stress reliever!

With passion, SING OUT ALOUD! I say.


…Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon
You come and go, you come and go
Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams
Red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green….


The Poodle lifts his sleepy head to all the racket. Did I note rolling of the eyes? If it were possible, I’m quite sure it would happen.

Oh my.  Next on the playlist it’s Whip It by Devo!  Now I am singing AND dancing across the kitchen floor!

The Poodle’s expression seems to suggest: Um…exactly how long are these painters going to be here today?

HA!  There is bliss amid the chaos of this messy life.

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