Happiness is Poodle Love

So lucky that he CHOSE me!


Today my four-legged-ball-of-love turns nine.

I still cannot believe he chose me!

Imagine lots of little poodle pups running around and, as if in S-L-O-W motion, this little runt of the litter comes barreling out of the crowd, up onto the wood deck to sit himself down literally on top of my feet!  I kid not.

Yes…He chose me.

And since that day…on Academy Award weekend, February 2009, he’s been my constant shadow.  He has brought much happiness to our home.  Not only did my poodle love open Rocket-man’s heart, he stole mine.    I’m one thoroughly lucky woman!

He’s a gem of a pooch, except when he barks like a maniac and jumps up on folks.  Then he’s annoying.  Yet, he is so close to perfect that I often pinch myself, even now.  I still smile from ear-to-ear when I think of the day we brought him home to his Southern California digs.

It’s chilly and raining today so no long walks or opportunities to chase squirrels and such (alas, we do not have a fenced-in yard….yet).  So I’ll pamper him with a special meal and extra bits of his favorite I’ll-do-ANYTHING-you-ask treat (that would be mozzarella cheese).

Happy Birthday my sweet poodle love.  I know that the rainbow bridge isn’t that far off so know that I cherish every single moment with you, including your moments of maniacal barks and overly enthusiastic jumping.

Cheers to another year of my poodle love hogging the bed.  ❤

That’s my bliss on this otherwise dreary November day.

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