Color Me Done, Part Two

I cannot look. I’m not even going to peek.

In fact, I’ve got my head in the sand…like an ostrich. I”ll admit to doing a lot of that as of late. It’s the only way I can get through some days. Like what to do with my man-child son living in the basement.


I used to fret a great deal over my chicken-shit approach to confrontations and the like. I’ve mellowed considerably.  Really I have!  I don’t even beat myself up nearly as much as I used to.  It takes so much energy to dwell on all the uncomfortable stuff, so much of which I cannot change anyway. Besides, I’m a Libra; we abhor confrontation, striving for peace on all levels.  So the head-in-the sand approach is just sometimes the right one.  Please, don’t judge.

So, today is the day color goes on the living room and dining room walls.  The walls have been prepped; the crown molding and trim has been painted (Benjamin Moore’s Glacier White for inquiring minds).   After days of agonizing over stepping out-of-my-box with different variations of Benjamin Moore’s Charlotte Slate I chose to go with the 65% lighter version.  I suppose one could argue that the very act of agonizing would have been a slap upside the head clue: As in DO NOT chose that color then!

Yes, well…I’ve got a hard head and I’ll admit to being a tad lazy, at times. There was absolutely no way I was going to go back to the beginning at the eleventh hour in search of a new color altogether.

Elstan and his crew have the two rooms taped-off with plastic sheets covering the doorways. I could easily step inside the room to monitor how things are progressing, and I did while they were painting my husband’s study. I was entirely certain of Benjamin Moore’s Alexandria Beige for his walls and the outcome has proved to be lovely indeed (whew!).  Much to my amazement my physicist rocket-man noticed too.  He is not as interested in aesthetics as I am. “This color is much nicer than the one in our last house,” he said.  “That one was too much of gingerbread-brown color.”  It was a color that came with the house.  I look at my husband and shake my head in wonder.

So, as this day moves on I will refrain from the temptation to peek and when doubt begins to seep through my veins—as I know it will— I’ll simply breathe in “it’s okay” and breathe out…. “It is simply going to be awesome…no matter what.”

There will be no Lucille Ball cringe-face, right?!

Hold on to your seats for the drum roll ….

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