Color Me Happy

I Like It!

So, after a week at it, the painters have finally left. Three rooms and the foyer and downstairs hallways are done. Our new-old house is starting to feel like OUR home.

And what about the color? The one that I agonized over for weeks….kept me awake at night (and how silly is that?).    The color conundrum posed by shifting light throughout the day that had me going back and forth like a tennis ball in a heated match, which also necessitated so many trips to Home Depot that I’ve practically become one of the family at the paint counter (OK…a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my drift).

The verdict?

Color me happy! I like it…I really, really like it. 

The 65% shade of Benjamin Moore’s Charlotte Slate did the trick.  I’m now enveloped in a serene yet bold slate color in my living room and dining room.  It has transformed those rooms from drab to fab; from tired and old into spaces that feel fresh and contemporary. 

Now to find the color for the kitchen and family room…

Do I detect a roll of the eyes from Rocket-man at this?



I get it.  Honestly I need some recovery time before I begin anew. I’m convinced that the stress of not screwing up the color selection raised my blood pressure.

Case in point, at my annual physical on Friday my blood pressure was 134/76.

Oh my….Never had a reading like that; it well above normal for me!  According to the American Heart Association that’s prehypertension.

The doc suggested it could be due to the fact that I reported having more than one glass of wine…EACH day.

“Yes, I know the guidelines for women,” I replied.  “I’m half-Italian and I enjoy a couple of glasses of red wine on most nights, with my evening meal,” I told her.

She then posed a question: “Can I get you to consider having ONE glass just a couple of times a week?”

I seriously thought about it for two nano-seconds before I replied.


Well, at least not yet. I keep giving up things that I enjoy.  Things that make life sweeter for me…things that make my soul sing.

For instance, I’ve cut my pasta intake considerably.  That’s a big deal, to an Italian.  And, I cannot run anymore….

Sigh.  Don’t get me started.

So folks, what I can do is chill for a spell.  Seems like a good time on this cold winter afternoon to sit on my meditation pillow and zone out with some Native American cedar flute music.  Perhaps while on my pretty red pillow I’ll ruminate over the doctor’s concern…

Or not.

Things seem to be mighty fine just the way they are at the moment.

Color me happy.


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