Pet Peeve Kind of Week

Pet Peeves. We all have them, n’est-ce pas? This past week seems to have been full of ’em in my humble world. I wondered about this today on my early morning walk.  It was a short but brisk walk, a rush to get in some outdoor physical activity before winter wreaked potential havoc once again.  Just two days ago it was a lovely 70 degrees in Northern Virginia and now, as I type away, snow is falling…and sticking.    This winter-y mix of sleet and snow has put the kibosh on afternoon plans to attend a yoga class for the first time in many moons.  Instead I vegged in true couch-potato fashion with a bowl of popcorn, The Poodle in my lap, catching up on Netflix episodes of The Crown.   Lord forgive me… it was better than time on the mat!

Later in the afternoon, as I ruminated on this and that, something I often do when I am not plugged-in, I thought about my pet peeve du jour: people talking over other people.  It seems like every time I listen to CNN or Fox news, guest and pundits talk over each other, escalating “dialogue” into such a fevered pitch, to the point where it is impossible to get anything at all from the topic at hand.   I’m particularly sensitive to this pet peeve as my son (yes, he-who-still-lives-in-the-basement) is particularly adept at talking over others, which naturally makes me…well…do the very same thing in an effort to be heard.

I knowGuilty!  But hey, I am  trying to get this guy launched back out into the world (and out of my basement) and…I AM THE MOTHER!  But yes, I am working on zipping my lips shut whilst he drones on and on….

But I digress.

This whole pet peeve thing got me thinking during a blissfully quiet moment as I watched, from my study window, the first flakes of feathery soft snow touch the ground, that perhaps I should start a list of my own pet peeves, ranking them in order of annoyance.

Harrumph.  A moment of clarity comes, and in one blink it is gone.  Thankfully a trace of I know is left.

What a waste of valuable time and energy it would be to start this pet peeve list.   There are a million other things to lose sleep over, unfortunately.  And, I’m trying–admittedly, not without a degree of difficulty–to be less negative…less judgemental.

Still, I waste two minutes and conducted a Google search on the subject of pet peeves.

Aha!  Search and ye shall find.  Case in point: Here is one list of pet peeves on Ranker,

Low and behold, Talking Over Other People is on that list as well as a number of others that annoyed me this past week.

On occasion, I so love a dose of validation!

Major pet peeve! Notice the cart pen is in plain view.

Not on that particular list: people leaving their grocery cart in a parking space because they are (IMHO) too lazy to take the extra steps to return it to a cart pen or back to the store.   It amazes and annoys me every time I watch someone unload groceries into their car and then leave the cart practically on the spot instead of taking the time to walk a few steps to place the cart in the cart pen.

Or how about parking a car across two spaces (that made the list).  This was my pet peeve on Wednesday when I tried to find a decent parking place at the gym.  Not one, but two different cars were parked in this manner, which naturally made the task of finding a parking spot more difficult.  Really folks?


And then (also this week…and ON THE LIST) loud cell phone conversations in public.  My attempt at a relaxing indulgence at Starbucks with a latte and a good book to read was ruined by a young man at the next table.  He was on his smart phone–wireless buds adorning his ears–carrying on a lengthy and loud conversation. Suffice it to say, that I hope the object of his diatribe (Juanita) is smart enough to high-tail it out his life.  His behavior and his words were less than honorable.

Last but not least, for this week anyway, is aimed at poor gym etiquette.  The woman on the weight bench beside me this morning broke a list of gym rules starting with not covering her mouth as she sneezed (repeatedly) and not wiping down the equipment after use.  Nor did she return any of her weights to the proper racks. 

In quiet frustration I re-racked what I could of the mess she left on the gym floor.


…..and forgive them Lord; they (apparently) know not what they do.

Let us breathe through what drives us crazy, together, shall we.  Feel free to share your pet peeves in this here truly, no-judgement zone.




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