Wintry Mix


Twenty-one days into the new year and what pops into my head on this frigidly cold winter day is: Wintry Mix. That seems to best define the past few weeks….a mix of snow, wind, and rain…and good and well, not so good.

Winter berry bliss

The good includes sleeping in (rare for me) and days of delicious soups and stews, homemade bread and chicken pot pie….popcorn and Netflix movie afternoons and even a movie theater outing where we…gulp…received senior citizen discounts.   And then, there were romps in the snow.

Yes, we had a lovely snow accumulation a week ago. In fact, my back still aches from shoveling a good six inches of accumulation of the beautiful white stuff from the long, long driveway that constitutes our “pipe-stem” of four homes. Rocket-man shoveled the most as I was somewhat preoccupied with The Poodle.  I had let him out, off-leash, wearing his smart coat of course, to frolic in the snow.  And what fun he had….he was a maniac, running to and fro with unbridled joy stopping only on occasion to  stick his snout into the cold snow for lord knows what….

Cannot imagine what he’s hoping to find…..


I also spent a lovely afternoon playing in the snow with my nephew.   Within walking distance from the house is a substantial hill that is mighty popular with the kids…and adults too.  However, it’s just on the backside of a small dam to a man-made lake which means lots of large rocks at the base of the hill.  Images of broken limbs, or worse, popped into my head as I watched kids sled down the hill  some barely missing the rocks that could literally break their momentum as well as their noggin.  To decrease the chances of injury some parents parked themselves well in front of the rocks to catch their kids.  Sis and I did this as well while marveling over the magnificent blue sky and the unexpected sighting of a bald eagle flying from his lofty perch a stones’ throw away from all the energetic play in the snow.

“Come on Zia CC. Try just one ride down with me!” my nephew pleaded more than once.

My favorite little man on the planet.

“Are you kidding me?  Our combined weight will surely send us crashing into those rocks; your mama cannot possibly stop our momentum,” I told him.  “Plus, your Zia isn’t a spring chicken anymore.”  I’m certain the latter was lost on my nephew.

“Please CC!   It’ll be fun. Just dig your heels in to slow the sled down.  You won’t get hurt.”

I chewed on his request for a good five more rounds of him sledding down the hill and trudging back up.  Live in the moment, a little voice said.  And this is a moment that will create a memory not just for you but  for your favorite little man.   So, I surprised him by accepting his request.

“Just once….for you,” I said as I climbed on the sled behind him, doing my best not to show the terror in my eyes as I stared down the long slope of the mountain….I mean, hill.

And so,  before I had a chance to chicken out away we went…. down the length of the hill careening perfectly to the right off the sled before reaching my waiting sis.  Naturally, it was a blast.  For two nanoseconds I was a ten year-old kid!  And yes, it was thrilling enough for me to practically crawl back up the steep slope and sled down again.   Later we toasted to our snow day fun (and the fact that no bones were broken in the process) at a packed Starbucks.

So what possibly could be not so good?

For starters. the partial government shut down still drags on affecting thousands of folks to include my sister’s family.  It’s well past ridiculous.  I wish the two sides would quit the political game-playing, and simply come to the table and start seriously doing their jobs.

And, though quite the first world problem …I am still lamenting the loss of a diamond ear stud the day before Christmas.  Alas, I’ve retraced my steps over half of Northern Virginia without luck.  What a sight I must have appeared to those who witnessed a crazy woman, red hair all askew, at World Market…searching on hands and knees (yep…that was me!).  Anything that even faintly gleamed made my heart stop in hope.  Note to you kind readers: their floors are beyond filthy!

And last but not least…perhaps even more tragic than a lost diamond earring….

I broke my mouth guard.

The Earth stopped on its axis, I am sure of it, for a good long minute as the horror of the moment unfolded.

Laugh not folks.

It accidentally got knocked off the nightstand and fell to the wood floor and broke into several pieces.

I have a love/hate relationship with that piece of plastic in my mouth at night.  But after breaking teeth (which required two dental implants) it’s a vital “partner” in my night-time ritual.   Not to mention the fact that it’s $400 to replace it.

Not to worry.  Tropical bliss happens, next week.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Wintry Mix

  1. What a beautiful image (both from a visual standpoint as well as visceral) of your winter wonderland. And good on you for accommodating your nephew. No doubt, he’ll remember that fun with his Zia. Sorry you have not been able to find your diamond stud and as for the broken mouth garden, I share your anguish. $400 a pop is no laughing matter. Stay warm and keep smiling.

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