Here’s Johnny…

These pumpkins are staying put until Thanksgiving weekend….just saying.

Lord have mercy, where as October gone? In a few days trick-o-treaters will be running through the neighborhood tripping over themselves as they rush from door to door to fill plastic pumpkins or pillow cases full of Halloween candy. Then, bang… we’re into November….which means only one thing: Christmas. Yep.  We may as fell forget about turkey day and all the Thanksgiving trimmings, or unhurried long afternoon walks through heaps of leaves crunching beneath our feet as we inhale  (hopefully) fresh, crisp autumn air.   I say this because….as God is my witness, we’ve got two houses in our neighborhood that already have Christmas lights up.

I kid not.

If you think I’m being a tad hum-bug consider that Christmas music is already playing on Sirius/XM. Yes indeed: Channel 70 is, through January 1st,  the dedicated Hallmark channel and it’s has been playing Christmas music for days now.  I was perplexed at this because last year I remember it starting on November 1st (which is, IMHO, still a tad early…but that is just me.).  Don’t get me wrong…I love the sounds of the season like nobody’s business but it’s still October people! What is wrong with slowing down a bit to enjoy autumn in all her orange, brown and golden glory, thank-you-very-much?!  The hullabaloo of Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year.  In fact, we may be well on a path that pushes the festivities of Christmas to, say …July.

Okay.  Clearly an exaggeration and such a silly thing to get my knickers in a twist over. 

So move on Missy, says the voice in my head.

Yes, my silent protestations (except obviously in this here space) are assuredly of the First World variety. I readily admit that I’m extremely lucky to be able to listen to subscriber music services and the like. I acknowledge as well that I have a choice. There is nothing forcing me to listen to Christmas music and I can wait…as I usually do, until the day after Thanksgiving.

I know. I’m old school. Or perhaps…to the younger crowd out there, ancient is a better term.

To just to prove how old school I am I’ll happily share what I have been listening to for weeks now: SiriusXM channel 105. Nope….it’s not classical music, and of course not the sounds of the season…and it’s not even Classic Vinyl, Love songs or Seriously Sinatra. In fact, I found out about Channel 105 programming quite by accident. One could say it was through unintentional ease dropping on a conversation at Starbucks, although, honestly, the three ladies from two tables away were loud enough that I could hear them with my earbuds on.

“Did you hear the episode with Johnny and Joan Embery with animals from the San Diego Zoo? That was a riot,” said the one gal with strikingly silver hair.

I wasn’t sure I had heard the conversation correctly so after my coffee the first thing I did when I got back into my car was surf SiriusXM and voilà…there it was: The Johnny Carson channel.

So, dear readers, I have to say that I have been experiencing a lovely blast from the past so far. In fact, memories of me, well past my bedtime, sitting at the foot of my mom’s bed while we watched the show together, are some of the best memories I have of time with my mother. For nearly thirty years The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was a late night ritual for her. Among her favorite episodes were those featuring a wide variety of animals, exotic and domestic, and of course the comedy sketches featuring Carson as Carnac the Magnificent. I can almost hear my mamma laughing even as I write these words….

There is bliss in that…

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, the “sounds of the season” that I am currently listening to begins with….

Here’s Johnny……

You’d best hurry because it’s only available for a few more days.

and….I hope this makes you chuckle, just a little:

3 thoughts on “Here’s Johnny…

  1. Thank you for the “attituned” correction. I thought I was imagining things while surfing through Sirius the other day distinctly hearing Johnny’s voice fly by. I thought nothing of it thinking surely it was an ad for TV programming. Now I know! Was that 105??? Love ya! Mindy

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