The Chaos of 2020 Continues…

As I approached the front door from my long morning walk I spot, once again, a fox scurrying down into the creek bed behind our house. I stopped for a moment, hoping that the scrawny fellow would come back out again if I stood still, long enough.

Hmm. Not today. So…Let’s admire my geraniums instead.

Opening the door I was met with wild fervor from The Poodle. Almost immediately his snout got tangled in my ear buds. What a pair we were as I bent down, attempting to pet him, untangle, and take my shoes off all at the same time.

“Yes, yes….I’m back….I see you old boy.” I say as I finally manage to get my ear buds off. “and thank you for this exuberant display of poodle love!” Since he’s getting to be quite the slow poke in his advanced years I had opted for a solo morning walk. In fact, I needed to pound (and I mean pound!) the pavement…alone…in search of a modicum of escape–relief really– even while sifting through a storm of thoughts and tumultuous emotions.

Hubby was already at “the office” (in his study) preparing for a conference call. “How was your walk,” he asked.

“I’ve decided to pull the plug on Twitter,” I replied. Given the state of our current situation, I am sure he did not expect this reply.

“Really? Why?” he asked looking up at me from behind his computer monitor.

“You have to ask me that?”

Ah, I get it.” he said. “Well, you can elect to simply not read it.

The past couple of months have just about done me in with all social media. I’m ready to throw in the towel because, in my humble opinion, the world has gone completely bonkers. The vitriol, shaming, finger-pointing, labeling, virtue-signaling, distortion of facts, division, destruction…etc. etc. has left me feeling profoundly discombobulated…and, more than any time in my life, hopeless. Every media platform seems to be aimed at the most egregious group-think. If one dares to think or question differently the knives come out; you risk being cut to ribbons publicly. We cannot seem to have reasoned, calm, discourse on any topic anymore. Even my meditation practice has done little to ease the pain and heaviness in my heart.

But, for the record dear readers the insanity of the world isn’t what has upended me in this given moment. Simply put, it helps not one iota that once again my world has been thrown into complete chaos due to my adult son. There I was happily enjoying a cycle ride with my husband on a sun-filled beautiful Saturday morning four and a half weeks ago…and then we get THE call.

Here we go again. How bad can it be? Say what?!

So now, we find ourselves in a nightmarish shit-storm. I cannot go into details in this here space…not at the moment anyhow. Honestly, I would take flying snakes right now over what life has thrown us. But dare I ask; is it possible that 2020 gets any worse?

Wait…forget it! Talk to the hand….I do not want to know!

Suffice it to say….there is no bliss in any of this.

12 thoughts on “The Chaos of 2020 Continues…

  1. The absurdity of social media is definitely taking its toll on our fragile psyches and close quarters even with those we care about make for rawness we otherwise might let roll off our backs. Sorry you find yourself in a unpleasant spot. I’m so over 2020 and as far as I’m concerned, summer is a close second as I spend the days counting down to a fresh start and waiting somewhat patiently for autumn’s better weather. 63 days for those keeping track. 😍

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    • It’s going to be 100 degrees in my neck of the woods today with high humidity. We cannot even make it to the neighborhood swimming pool. The pool’s Covid plan has one signing up for a time slot as only so many folks can be in the pool at one time. Our excellent luck means we’ve yet to secure a time spot. How lovely it would be to submerge oneself in the pool and for a moment convince oneself that they are in the Caribbean with an umbrella drink in hand….sigh. Perhaps we’ll dip our toes before August rolls around. That is my current wish. Well…that and a hundred more. Cheers to waiting for autumn and the gentle quiver of those spectacular Aspen leaves….

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      • I haven’t contemplated even trying for any pool time. Maintaining safe distancing seems more prudent. I’ll live with that choice, emphasis on the living part while counting down the days until more pleasant temps arrive. I’m so over relentless and seemingly unending days of upper 90’s. [try] Stay cool and give your poodle love an extra ear rub from me. 😎


  2. Oh Angel I am SO with you. I can relate to your words, feelings, and opinions regarding the state of this world we are struggling to cope with. As far as your son…no I cannot relate & would never say “I understand”. As I’ve never had children I can only tell you that my heart goes out to you. Whatever the situation….you deserve to feel what you are feeling. Looking forward to your next post. Sending love from Arkansas USA!!

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  3. Christina, I’ve messed up your telephone number in my book. Can you private message me with your number do we can chat some time.


  4. Christina, I’ve messed up your telephone number in my book. Can you private message me with your number so we can chat some time. Hugs


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