Somewhere, over the rainbow….skies are blue.

It’s hard to believe that another year is nearly behind us and that we are still fighting over masks and mandates as well as vilifying folks right and left for a whole host of reasons. It has been, to be sure, a challenging year. Given the growing alarm over rising inflation, supply chain issues, the overall state of our nation, and the constant vitriol so prevalent on social media it’s a wonder that I haven’t slid into a dark hole of depression. It is all so deeply worrisome.

Still, in spite of so many reasons to be depressed, there are far more things to be grateful for and somewhere over the rainbow, even the one in my back yard, skies are blue! In fact, I am thankful for too many things to count and I marvel over the awesomeness of that! For one, The (old man) Poodle is still with me! He turned thirteen early this month; he keeps me busy which truly helps my headspace. He’s starting to have incontinence issues (not exactly something to be thankful for!) however, it is not every day and it’s got me exploring the world of doggie diapers and such. As I type away he lays thoroughly relaxed at my feet and I’d like to think that he is thankful that the season of thunder and lightning is mostly over. We’re now enjoying delightfully cooler temperatures which also means that the lizards are moving much slower and, best of all, I’ve been able to wear my Ugg boots twice this month!

So yes…here I am headlong into my golden years and, dare I say finally, the simplest of things warm my heart. Like hubby risking life and limb on the ladder to hang Christmas lights just to see my eyes light up with joy. And what a love he was to surprise me with setting up the DVR to record the 2021 Hallmark Christmas movies. Ladies, that is, IMHO swoon-worthy!

While this Thanksgiving had me missing my sis and family and all the culinary traditions we shared around the holiday, I was able to keep head and heart relatively joyful. There were long walks in the Florida sunshine as well as afternoon sweets with coffee. I’ve got holiday music playing on the outdoor patio (Floridians call it a lanai although the term originated in Hawaii). There was a NASA rocket-launch sighting first thing in the morning while we were out cycling which stopped us in our tracks; what a thrill it was to watch! The huge Christmas tree in the outdoor shopping center is mighty impressive as are the Christmas lights going up in all the neighborhoods. My hibiscus is still blooming and just the other day my homemade pumpkin cake with orange cream frosting to celebrate hubby’s birthday was a deliciously decadent hit (though my hips are not thankful).

As this Thanksgiving holiday week inches to a close my heart swells with love for my husband who is quirky, geeky and stubborn too (but I cannot imagine life without any of it), for my family and friends near and far, for my Poodle-love (who chose me of all people)…and for you…my dear “four” readers.

I remain ever thankful for all the bliss that life offers, even the smallest morsel of it. Challenges abound, and still…Life is good.

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