Cristina was born in Italy but raised mostly in the U.S., (all over the U.S.) She grew up an Air Force brat and then later was an army wife for seventeen years (now an ex-army wife) and therefore she has moved a time or two in her fifty or so years.  She’s lived in Italy, Germany, Okinawa, California, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and now, Alabama.

Cristina is married to a physicist (whom she often affectionately refers to as “Rocket-man”) and is a mom to two children, now grown and on their own (mostly). She has a twin brother and a younger sister (“sis”) who has nearly all the creativity genes in the family.  And then there is “The Poodle,” her four-legged love.  He’s a medium-standard black poodle who still hasn’t quite forgiven her for whisking him away from the ocean breezes of Southern California to hotter-than-Hades Alabama.


Merry Christmas from Redondo Beach. One happy Poodle....pure bliss.

Merry Christmas from Redondo Beach. One happy Poodle….pure bliss

A lover of travel, Cristina has traveled to nearly all 50 states, as well as various countries in Europe (France, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy and Germany), and she has been lucky to travel to Australia and select Caribbean islands for scuba diving adventures.  There’s still so many places to see before the next dimension.  But for now, while in this life, Cristina must survive living in her new home which seems to be more like “Middle Earth” than “Sweet Home” Alabama.

Cristina loves all things Italian, enjoying too much good food and wine (in moderation, but of course!), reading, romantic comedies, and for many years her passion was long distance running.  Now, with knees that are candidates for total replacement after twenty-nine marathons and five ultra-marathons, she needs something to fill up the hour-glass-of-time in her days.  “Start a blog” you say?

Hmm….now that’s a concept!

Her goal with this blog?  Find a degree of bliss (perhaps even Ten Degrees of Bliss) in this place she calls —-ENTER EXPLETIVES HERE—-….er… apologies,  she means,  Sweet-Home Alabama.