OH SHIT Monday!

I’m in Carefree….again. Sigh… Three times a charm though. Mom should be well situated into her new abode before the week is out.

Thankfully, this trip I’m not alone. Rocket-man is with me to lend a hand and sis will join me later in the week. I’ve only got Rocket-man here for five days. So far he’s been a real trooper. He didn’t bat an eyelash about spending what seemed like half a day in the IKEA store on our quest to get mom a new bed. I think a plate-load of Swedish meatballs helped. I ordered the same, scarfing it down in frenzied fashion which is totally unlike me. I’m normally a very slow eater…always the last to finish a meal. But, that’s what stress does to you. When all is said and done I’ll need to book a week at a health resort to detox and decompress. Oh wait….it takes money to do that! A whole lot of it is flying out the window these days as we deal with getting mom settled into her new chapter.

Speaking of a whole lot of money.

We spent a good chunk of money getting mom’s roof fixed before putting her house on the market. It had to be done, of course. We will get reimbursed….eventually.

So I have to step back and breathe as the events of today unfold. It was supposed to be a huge step forward kind of a day. Packers are coming to pack mom’s household goods this morning. It’s a difficult time for all of us.

So…..Let’s make a dramatic day even more challenging shall we?

It started EARLY…..3:30 a.m. mind you.

Carefree is experiencing a deluge. LOADS and loads of rain folks. It’s been raining hard for two hours and there’s a healthy dose of thunder and lightening as well. Naturally, I cannot sleep through the clamor in the skies. I’m wide awake listening to the rhythm of the rain upon the roof. After a while It’s almost lulling me back to sleep when a different sound enters into the symphony playing above me. It’s a “ping, ping” sound.

Water on metal.


I grab my flashlight and get out of bed, making my way toward the living room, trying to find the source of the sound.

Oh shit.

Water all over the floor! Lots of water.

Oh God. And I’m off and running trying to find a bucket and towels.

So, I had taken down pictures from the wall the day before in preparation for my mom’s move. Those pictures, to include two oil paintings, where leaning against a wall, set aside in a place to make it easy for movers to pack. Water from the leaking roof….yes….the very roof that was completely repaired just five months ago to the tune of 15,000.00 …..was spilling onto all of the pictures. The ping sound was due to water hitting a metal-framed Mexican mirror. If I hadn’t heard it, I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed to investigate and the pictures would have been greatly damaged. I suppose that’s the silver lining.


At least Rocket-man was here to lend a shoulder as I spilled tears in exhaustion and exasperation over all this Carefree mess.

It’s closing in on 6:00 a.m. now. It is STILL raining. Now rain is coming in over the stove. Just peachy.

It’s an OH SHIT Monday. This chapter cannot close soon enough.

Chihuly Blue

A work from famed glass artist Chihuly

A work from famed glass artist Chihuly

I left the Carefree desert eleven days ago. After time in Northern Virginia visiting sis and family, I’ve now been home five days….physically anyway. I’ll admit to feeling quite off…maybe even a bit lost. I know it will take some time to get to a new normal here in Middle Earth. Already, my heart aches for the intense blue skies of Carefree and of course, I miss my evening ritual of a glass of white wine and viewing the spectacular sunset from my mother’s roof-top.

Yes, I’m feeling off…sort of like a Dale Chihuly glass work in stunning blues that I saw at the Desert Botanical Gardens during a rare outing with mom in Phoenix;  I’m a fragile, yet strong, jumble of emotions twirling in every direction.  Point in fact, I haven’t fully unpacked yet. For those who know me, that’s astounding. Aside from the mental fog that I continue to be in, there’s a good reason my suitcases still await emptying. When I left in March, winter clothes were still in drawers or hanging at the nearest reach in my closet. Now I’ve got to go through the process of re-arranging and shifting things around and, truthfully folks, I just don’t have it in me….not after three months of trying to de-clutter and prepare 9,000 square ft. of house for sale. As a side note, there is still lots to be done on the Carefree front, but it was imperative that this tired soul have a respite. Sis and family will spend a couple of weeks visiting mom and they’ll have a chance to continue the clearing process.

For now, I’m still stepping over piles of clothes and suitcases. Maybe by the weekend I’ll have things in their proper places….or…as I told Rocket-man, if I drag my feet long enough it will be autumn and time for all things long-sleeved again! He enjoyed a deep belly laugh over this plan…perhaps knowing that is so unlike me….or maybe because it’s brilliant?! Still even better, perhaps I’ll have half this pile of clothes in bags by the curb going to Goodwill.

Despite my heavy heart over the events of the last three months, I can smile at this homecoming. For one thing, a certain four-legged friend did not forget me!  Yes….the Poodle went wild with excitement when he laid eyes on me. He was in the car, along with Rocket-man of course, meeting me at Dulles International Airport when I flew into Northern Virginia. Poodle literally catapulted himself over the seat –something he has never done–trying to get to me. It warmed my heart for a thousand Sundays!  And Rocket-man? He hugged the dark fog out of me and promised I wouldn’t have to cook for a week. What more could a woman want after living three months on another planet?