As Leaves Pile Up….

Photo by Devin Lyster on Unsplash

Autumn typically is…almost…one of my favorite times of the year.

Typically? You ask. Well, it is 2020 after all.

Almost? you ask.

My kind “four” readers know the answer to that. What follows autumn is winter and this ole’ gal is not a fan of being chilled to the bone. It’s not that I’ve always felt this way. I truly loved my seventeen-plus years in Colorado and obviously there is, most winters anyway, a lot of snow on those majestic Rocky Mountains and certainly enough in the mile-high city of Denver to make one who is averse to winter to permanently seek Caribbean climes. For me though, the difference between winter in Colorado and winter in northern Virginia is humidity. Colorado winters are, in my humble opinion, infinitely more tolerable due to its arid climate. Simply put, the lack of humidity makes cold temperatures feel less so.

I suppose I should simply live in this moment which is a beautiful autumn day full of sunshine and swirling colorful leaves just beginning to pile up in yards and on street corners. I should enjoy the chrysanthemums blooming, their rich bursts of color competing with pumpkins and Halloween decorations in lawns all around the neighborhood. I should be thinking about pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce…cozy nights on the sofa wrapped in my favorite Pendleton blanket…and new Hallmark Christmas movies sure to come despite Covid up-ending the world.

I should. But I don’t have the energy today….

Alas, the life-quake that has shaken our neck of the woods continues to keep me in both a state of perpetual sadness and unbelievable stress. As I try to remain positive during this new crisis, involving…you guessed it…my son, it’s all I can do to “just be” one moment at a time. It seems impossible to think of the upcoming holidays and the joys that they are supposed to bring while dealing with yet another crisis. We’re navigating through this new storm–which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy–as best we can; whacking my Dammit Doll repeatedly against my desk helps but man would I give anything to have an MMA heavyweight punching bag hanging in the garage right about now.

So yes…I am decidedly not in a positive headspace at the moment and regrettably I cannot pretend, as I often do, to be otherwise. I struggle to find an ounce of fun and frivolity…anything to snap myself out of this shit-storm (no better word at the moment!). As I watch the leaves fall and pile at my feet I feel the weight of our up-ended world heavy on my shoulders. Though I know it is not a panacea, even my simple meditation practice has not eased the pressure as much as I had hoped. I know this too shall pass…I know that change is the only constant…but still…

Uncharacteristically, I have a list a mile long of what I dread as winter approaches (and don’t get me started on politics!). I dread, already, the teeth-chattering cold and fierce winds that will make it impossible to walk around the block without getting frostbite. I dread less sunlight, shorter days, and ice-storms. I dread, silly as it seems, the probability of not being able to spend long lazy weekend mornings over coffee and a good book at the local Starbucks due to ongoing Covid restrictions. But most of all, I dread that this madness will never end.

Argh! I know…aren’t I just a ray of sunshine?!

But hey, tomorrow is another day kind reader and with it promises of less bleakness from me. So….there is bliss in that!

(see, I came around….sort-of.)

Wheezy Kind Of Day…





Page four of the New Year has me battling a nasty cold. I’m a fright to behold with a chapped, leaking faucet nose most definitely redder than Rudolph’s and eyes all puffy and glassy with tell-tale signs of one not feeling even remotely 100%.  So, I’ve spent a good part of the day on the sofa silently cursing that I’d never meet my step goal for the day and going through boxes of Kleenex.    I’ve slept, read three lines of a book, slept some more, and caught up on recorded NCIS episodes.  While it is no fun to be sneezing my brains out I sincerely appreciate The Poodle at my side.   And, I wasn’t entirely a couch potato.  I did manage to fold a basket of laundry, though I have yet to put the folded items away.

Add to that our Carrier furnace went on the fritz yesterday. Our house,  just under seven years old, has three units (its a large house) and in the last year two have died.  In My Humble Opinion, these things should not go kaput after less than seven years (and how convenient that they’ve decided to quit just outside of the warranty!  Grrrr)  A new unit is on order but most likely it can’t be installed until next week.  So, while our President-Elect may have kept some Carrier jobs in the U.S.,  I’m majorly unimpressed and won’t go with a Carrier product ever again!

It’s gonna get mighty chilly this evening…(29℉, at last call).  Good thing I’ve got a down comforter to bury under…as well as The Poodle on one side and Rocket-man on the other.  We will all keep toasty all the while feeling blessed that there are folks in the world that don’t have place to call home.