In Other News, It’s Back to Diapers…

Lord have mercy; it’s been awhile since I have entered a keystroke….

Time is flying by and I’m clearly not keeping up…

What have I to say for myself? Nothing particularly entertaining which is why I am considering ending keystrokes into this particular space on WP. I read other blogs and they are all so entertaining. Well crafted thoughts are lovely to read indeed– and very interesting too– so why on earth can’t I muster up the energy to do the same…to write more often?

Alas, I must apologize to my “four” dear readers. I do have a lazy streak –I have shared that challenge before somewhere in the basement of this here space– but add to this is what I perceive to be a general lack of talent though my beloved rocket-man adamantly says otherwise. Of course he would! He is my husband after all, my biggest fan. He thinks I all but walk on water.

I am one lucky woman in that regard!

In any event, during the last couple of months I have been busy navigating the world of doggie diapers, alternative canine pain management therapies (laser therapy) and who knew–there is acupuncture for dogs too! Then there are the walks with my poodle-love that have dramatically changed; they used to be easy and joy-filled but now have come to be painstakingly slow for him and angst-filled for me as I consider, literally during every hour of the day, the inevitability of what lies ahead. My poodle-love now has stage three –bordering on four–degenerative disc disease, the neurological effects of which have appreciably hindered his hind legs and his leg strength. I had no idea that poodles are among breeds susceptible to degenerative disc disease. Most mornings I have to lift him out of the bed and carry him to the door to go out. And, most mornings, he literally falls over–which makes me heart break–though he manages to get himself up and gets moving with encouragement. After a day of sleeping, late afternoons are better. He’ll drag and drag on the afternoon walk–and stumble along as he goes– but often, as soon as the “other” boss of the house comes home from work my poodle-love perks up and becomes playful as a puppy. Truth be told, there is usually cheese involved along with a therapeutic dip in the pool which energizes him for a spell.

Additionally, In his nearly fourteen years with us he has never had an accident in the house, that is, until some three months ago. It was then that accidents would occur once or twice a week and I thought little of the reason behind it other than perhaps I wasn’t being as attentive to his walking schedule as I should have been. Well, it sure did not take long to figure out that wasn’t the case. So now, something I did not foresee, I’m changing diapers once again! Instead of wiggly-worm infant legs I’m battling a long fluffy tail that isn’t too keen on being stuffed into a diaper hole the size of a quarter. But what is funnier still is that my beloved rocket-man, who never fathered children of his own–the very one who used to proudly boast as he raised his hands high into the air “these hands have never changed a diaper”— is now doing… what you ask?

Ah yes…he is changing diapers!

Seriously, well out of range of my poodle-love’s sensitive ears, I laugh myself silly over that!

Fortunately, there are lots of products to manage this new problem which made me breathe a huge sigh of relief. I still have images of my mother’s handsome miniature schnauzer pooping and peeing in my house on so many occasions when she lived with me decades ago because well…that dog NEVER was properly trained. My mother would dismiss the accidents casually, bristling at me and admonishing my “overreaction.” So when I began the requisite Google search on the topic of canine incontinence I was amazed and thrilled. I settled on two products from Pet ParentsĀ®: a belly band to manage leaks and a full on diaper for the rest! One could select from a nice assortment of colors and patterns but I chose solid black in an effort to preserve a modicum of dignity for my poodle-love. He is black after all and said diaper is nearly invisible on him.

Diapers may be a part of my world once again, but my poodle-love is still with me! He still begs for cheese, gets mildly excited over his favorite squeaky ball, and he still greets me when I come in the door.

Every moment that I have with my old man poodle-love is bitter-sweet and yes, there is bliss in that.

My Poodle-Love slumbering away before he gets his second wind….