Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Doomsday?

Here is my PSA for the day….

Beware of watching political videos posted on Facebook before the sun comes up.

As if you didn’t already know this.  Right?

So I’ve got espresso in hand and I am feeling pretty perky just days before Christmas.  My daughter and her husband arrive later this evening and I’ve got a million things to do, including laundry and preparing a party dish for my sister’s soirée.  But, here I am in the quiet of the early morning perusing Facebook, as is my routine, before taking The Poodle out for his morning constitutional.  I clicked on a political video that showed up on my Facebook Feed.  It’s Mark Levin.  All I know about this guy is that Rocket-man likes to listen to his radio show in the car on his way home from work.  Moi? Never. My head is usually into music, especially this time of year.  I’ve been belting away Christmas tunes—botching lyrics along the way– sure as the setting sun that I sound phenomenal.

So, I’ve no idea why….but yes….I clicked on the video.

Mark Levin is interviewing Dr. Peter Pry.  He’s an expert on weapons of mass destruction.

That should have been my first clue to click cancel.

Dr. Pry is talking about the biggest existential threat to humanity.

Second clue to step away from the iPad.

Specifically, the threat is an EMP….and Electromagnetic Pulse attack, created as a result of a nuclear weapon being detonated high above the United States.

“Electric grids everywhere on earth would collapse putting billions of lives at risk,” says Dr. Pry.

I watch the video intently for just a few minutes and then I click cancel.  It’s all the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster.  But it is not fiction.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary…..

Yes I know: my head has been in Latte-land.  Or, more recently, Netflix binge-watching of Longmire.  I’ve been swooning over Robert Taylor for weeks now….

but I digress….

I ask Rocket-man about the threat of a global take-out of electrical grids and the obvious domino effect of such a catastrophe. (airplanes literally falling from the sky for one….)

“Is everything this guy is saying actually plausible? I ask as I take my last swig of espresso.

Silence. His head is in a cross-word puzzle.


I really didn’t need to ask him.  Of course it’s absolutely plausible.

“Hells-Bells”  I say.  “This calls for taking living in the moment to a new level. Who seriously cares about the mountain of laundry that needs folding? Why bother taking the steam mop to the kitchen floor?  My live-in-the-present-moment heart tells me to go face down in Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream…washed down with a good Cabernet.”

Rocket-man looks at his watch. “It’s not even 6 a.m.” he says.

Alexa, what’s the current temperature,” I ask.

She tells me it’s 32 degrees…and it’s windy.

“You do know that we don’t keep Ben & Jerry’s in the house (for obvious reasons!). You’ll have to go to the store to get it,” says Rocket-man. “It’s gonna be a mad-house out there.”

“No problem-o,” I say placing my espresso cup in the sink.

Looking out the kitchen window I note the sun is struggling through clouds on what will be another weary-dreary winter day.

My right brain tells me I should be running upstairs to start backing up all files on a thumb drive. I should be organizing (where is that metal box anyway?)….I should be preparing for a doomsday scenario. But, after the move from middle-earth our papers are still not quite as organized as they should be.  Oh my….I’m not even CPR current….

…and it’s almost Christmas. I’ve got presents to wrap and there is tortellini to be made….

Boom. From zero to sixty, first thing in the morning.   I’m overwhelmed, anxious and on the brink of a purple-minion moment.

I take a deep breath.

My long walk with The Poodle can wait.

I’m now a woman on a mission to find Ben and Jerry.

Well….as soon as I find my comfy Uggs…and my car keys.

Ho, Ho, Ho merry doomsday.