Ever the Diplomat

A gym friend asked me this morning:

Did you watch the State of the Union address?

Me:  Um…not even 10 minutes of it.

Gym Friend:  Oh…why, if you don’t mind me asking?  (obviously she doesn’t know me very well)

Me:  I already know what the state of the union is.  In a word…


Truthfully there are many words to describe the last five years of the Obama presidency.  But in the interest of saving myself from becoming too much like my mama,  I’ve made a pact with myself to stop being so negative, about a lot of things…and, while I’m at, quell the use of expletives which seem to have gotten the best of me, in part due to our current president.  Yes….there are days that I want to spit bullets (Obama-Care, for one) but it’s not doing me any good to get so agitated.  It’s wasted energy.  The only thing I can do is cast a vote and after that….pray.

So, I tell the woman in the gym that I’d much rather tackle the mountain of ironing (and I loathe ironing) or listen to country music (my last resort to be sure!) than listen to anything that President Obama has to say.  Plus, watching Biden’s absurd sycophantic smile and Boehner’s perennially somber, overly sun-tanned mug makes me want to drink….too much.  To our The Speaker’s credit, he no doubt always looks sad (and sheds those tears!) because he has to deal with cretins on both sides of the political aisle.  And, don’t get me started about congress.

Speaking of my mother; you can be sure that I won’t even ask if she listened to the President’s address.  Anything about the president brings on a torrent of negativity, spewed forth like lava erupting from a long-dormant volcano.  Mama is not shy of voicing– in stunning detail– exactly what she would do if she ever got her hands on our nation’s leader.  She does this nearly on a daily basis.

“Mama,” I say laughing just the other morning during my daily check-up call to her.  “You cannot talk like that on the phone: after all the NSA could very well be monitoring this phone call.”

She isn’t bothered one bit; she doesn’t care who hears her anti-Obama diatribes.  Truthfully,  if the NSA were monitoring her calls they would learn that she is a lonely woman in her golden years who doesn’t get out much; a prisoner in her home due to extremely poor health.  And my worry isn’t the NSA either.  I worry that mama’s daily negative rants only shrouds her world in more darkness and depression, to such a degree that she is unable to see the good that does exist around her. This makes me sad.  So, with each call I try to steer clear of politics, quickly changing the subject to other topics.

“Did you watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey,” I ask.  “Oh yes…” mama enthusiastically replies.  And then we are on to other things….whew!

As for me–ever the diplomat— I’m somewhat more reserved in my judgement of the man…any man, for that matter, that sits in the oval office.  Yes….I thoroughly dislike Obama’s smug, arrogant, condescending demeanor and I am vehemently opposed to his socialist agenda.  He came to the office of President on a short political résumé and was elected due to a well-run campaign that made terrific use of social media,  and because, in my view, he is a socialist ideologue.  I am convinced that many of this administration’s policies are terrible for our country.  And, I am also convinced that our president has told a great many lies–but he is, after all, a politician…they all distort the truth for power and political gain.  It’s a given, right?

Still, unlike my mama, I try to show a modicum of respect for our president and the demands of the office that he faces on a daily basis.  He is the leader of the free world–he’s got a lot on his plate.   I try to embrace what I believe escapes many:  that I am not privy to even a tenth of the information our president has at his hands; information that obviously dictates his action (or inaction, as is often the case) on many of our nation’s most critical issues.  So, while I have deeply formed convictions about a range of topics that are in direct opposition to our president,  I cannot sit in absolute judgement of his job performance until I’ve walked a mile in his shoes, which of course is thoroughly unlikely.  This really is the only reason I cut the man some slack.

Nope…I do not like this president one bit but I certainly don’t wish him harm either.

I can tell you what I do wish…

His resignation would be awfully nice….

But that falls under the category of “pipe dreams.”