The Heat is On

Today is lovely but just a few days ago we experienced summer as temps went from forty to ninety-one, seemingly without a blink of hesitation.

Goodness gracious,” I said as I wiped salty sweat from my eyes.  A check of the car thermometer confirmed: It read 91.

Wow.  It was just 36 degrees this morning!

The heat is on.  If you blinked, you missed spring in Northern Virginia. How did I not remember that?  I lived here for fourteen years during my first sojourn in these neck-of-the-woods.  I suspect eight years of Southern California living with oceans breezes and  delightful weather nearly year-round  swept all dreadful weather memories from my consciousness.  No doubt, dear reader, it would be the same for you: less than two miles from the ocean, we could practically live outdoors every day of the year. Not a single mosquito –not even a fly– interrupted evenings out on the patio as we enjoyed wine and dining.

Enter wistful sigh here…..When living in middle-earth-land Alabama spring usually appeared by February which meant it wasn’t long after that so did all manner of flying insects.  Wasps, bees, lady bugs, cicadas, palmetto bugs…it seemed like we had ’em all! 

I could complain about many things during my southern living years (guilty as charged…regretfully too much complaining) but I could not complain about our yard which was ever so lovely.  The ample back yard, adorned by a decorative iron-look fence with brick posts, included an outdoor brick fireplace and not one but two wonderfully spacious patios. The yard was perfect for The Poodle to exhaust himself on his daily quest to catch squirrels.  The problem–in case you haven’t guessed it by now–was that we could only truly enjoy the yard and patio less than five months of the year.  Alas, it wasn’t because of the suffocating southern heat but rather due to Jurassic culprits…yes mosquitoes.  Who knew that there is evidence of these vectors of diseases dating back to the Jurassic era?   Particularly when a can of bug spray wasn’t readily at hand, the very real danger of West Nile Virus often kept us indoors even when temps were pleasant enough.

Despite the fact that spring comes late in Northern Virginia (May) and lasts …like…um…less than three days doesn’t mean that we don’t have sweltering temps and mosquitoes.  We’ve got both.  This time around however we have decided to reclaim our backyard pleasure– albeit at great expense. Read: Peanut butter sandwiches for quite some time. 

Life is getting shorter the older we get and while our backyard days won’t ever be as blissfully perfect as what we enjoyed during our SoCal years we are not about to give up said enjoyment while we still can reasonably function.

So folks….by the end of week, just in time for Mother’s Day, we shall be enjoying early morning coffee and sipping our evening libations outside, in our new screened-in deck!   The skylights are being installed as I write.  I am giddy-as-a-school-girl with delight!  Golly-gee…that rhymes! 

Feeling blessed and full of bliss….

Out with the rotting old deck…..

…and in with the new!